Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Well Tyler is giving it a try.  This is little Gigi's shoe off her right front foot.  It will be a year next month, since we picked her and Rosie up, to keep them from being shot and buried.  

This is what her feet looked like when we picked her up.

 This is how her feet look today

As long as she doesn't start trying to turn that right front foot backwards, she won't have to wear the shoe again.  The other 3 feet although they looked pretty gnarly last year, never tried to turn backwards or anything like that.  She still isn't a very good candidate for farrier care........LOL  Let's put it this way, every time Tyler comes he seems to think she should be friendlier.  I think that on a regular basis too, but so far she's not interested in giving up her independence.

This morning John almost had a mess.  Coquette is trying to entertain the boys and this morning when John was putting everyone in their pens, she came into Pepper's pen, which is beside her pen.  Pepper picked up on the subject and started trying to figure out his plan of attack.  Unfortunately Pancho was also at the ready.  John said it didn't take long for Pancho to decide to get rid of the competition, by lunging at Pepper with his mouth open.  John started yelling, I asked him if he threw himself in front of Pepper to protect him.  Guess not, looking at a mouthful of donkey teeth seemed to make him think yelling would take care of the problem, luckily it did.  Well except for Pepper, he was still trying to figure out his next move once Pancho left the area..........!!! 


ellie k said...

Old men can still dream, even if the they do not have the ability or equipment

Tish said...

LOL, Pepper will never give up I don't think........!!!

Chelra said...

You do amazing work! ❤️

Tish said...

No, Tyler and Courtney do amazing work. If it hadn't been for Courtney all these years, a lot of my guys wouldn't be here today. She's willing to "waste" her time and effort to work with them. And Tyler loves a challenge, so when I get something that is half way wild and nasty feet, he's my "go to" guy. If they are really wild, he brings as many strong bodies as needed. LOL