Tuesday, November 04, 2014

THEY'RE BACK........!!!!

We just got home from picking up Ruthie, Ruger and Wister from their 2 month gig of weed control.  I got in touch with Karla last week, and she said they had just about eaten everything, so it was time for them to come home.  

We drove up, went in,  and here they come.  Opened the back gate on the trailer and Wister went right in, Ruger was a little reluctant but he finally went in and Ruthie hopped right in.  Don't think it took 10 minutes. 

They look good, Karla didn't have a lot of mesquite beans, so they've been mostly eating desert weeds and grasses, just what donkeys should be eating.  She has a woman that lives with her that really hated to see Ruger go, guess he was her favorite.  

Got home with them, opened the back gate and turned them loose.  Hope we don't regret not putting in their pen for a day or two, so they know where they belong..........LOL  They came out on the run and have been running around every since, with Justin running behind them.  I'm not sure what his plan is, but he's hanging right in with them.  Of course the dogs are barking non stop.  They always get so excited when "new" donkeys arrive and seem to think they need to bark when they move.  Since the three have been running around trying to see everything ever since they hit the ground, the dogs are starting to really get irritating.  

Anubis is doing just fine after having her 2 teeth pulled yesterday and her teeth cleaned.  Would you believe it costs more to get a dog's teeth cleaned than a person's?  She couldn't have anything to eat until this morning, which really didn't go over very well.  Since she couldn't eat Nicki didn't get to eat last night either, they both thought we had lost our minds.  I don't understand why they can't eat after surgery or in this case teeth cleaning.  Shouldn't matter if they throw up after it's over, but we followed the rules.  We are soaking her kibbles for a couple of days just to make it easier for her to chew, although like most dogs she's a gulper, rather than a chewer. 

I'll try to get a picture of mom and the 2 boys tomorrow.  We have some people coming out next Sunday to visit with the 3 of them.  They have 10 acres and are interested in having donkeys.  These 3 would be very good for people that have never been around donkeys.  They are very friendly and are curious enough to be a lot of fun to watch.  Hopefully the people will be a good fit and we can get these 3 a good forever home. 

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