Sunday, November 02, 2014


I guess things have been going too good, it was time for a bump in the road of racing.  Finished 2nd in the heat race.  Went to staging to go out for the main event.  Hit the start button and absolutely nothing, no clicking, no groaning, I double checked to make sure I even had the switch on.  Yelled at a friend in the line up to push me, which he did.  It started, but would not actually run.  I got out in the racing area and it just wouldn't go, so I had to be pushed into the pits without starting the race.  

John was ready to have a fit, in fact I think he had at least one..........LOL  He had been watching the alternator and had actually disconnected it, but there should have been enough power in the battery without it.  So he took the battery off the winch, put it in my car and it started right up.  In fact the race was still running and my car was sitting in the pits, purring like a kitten........!!  That is about the 3rd battery John has put in this year, so he's thinking that although the battery was dead, there might be something electrical in the car that is the real problem.  Oh! goody I'm glad I'm just the driver, the idea of chasing electrical problems, makes my head hurt.....!!!

Needless to say I'm no longer in 2nd place for end of year points, but we have one more race for points the 15th of this month and I'm only 1 point out of 2nd place, so there's still a chance.  

I am absolutely amazed at how many people came over to see what happened, the guy in 1st for points drove to our pits when he came off the track, and most of the other drivers came by, not to mention pit crews.  I guess the race was a crash fest, everyone said I was lucky I missed it.  Can't wait to see the video.........!!! 

There's a young guy in his 20's, who's main goal this year was to beat me, well he won that race.  I congratulated him and he said it didn't count because he didn't beat me.  He's definitely focused, well he'll get 3 more chances.  He always teases me about how he can't get mad at me when I beat him, because it would be like getting mad at his grandma.......!!!  LOL

As usual when we get home after the races the donkeys start yelling and screaming when I get out to open the gate.  They know when they have been mistreated and as far as they are concerned, staying in their pens that long is not acceptable.  Of course as soon as John lets them out, all is forgiven.  

This morning I noticed a praying mantis had managed to get trapped in the stable fly trap.  The only way to get her out, (she was full of eggs looked like) was to take the top off, which defeats the whole trap idea.  You take the top off and the flies are all going to fly away.  John said he'd try and he managed to get the praying mantis out, but lost about 2/3's of the flies. 

Courtney came out this afternoon to trim donkey feet.  She was really impressed with how good everyone's feet are doing, even the ones with a lot of issues.  I guess all the rain we had this summer maybe had something to do with it. Even old Pepper was impressive, he managed to stand on 3 feet while she worked, by himself.  Usually he leans on her and John or I help hold him up, while she works as quick as possible.  We don't want him to fall.  But he did just fine.

We got little rain squalls today.  You might know we had Daisy's sponsor and 2 of her friends out for a visit and it sprinkled on us 3 or 4 times, while we were trying to find donkeys.  Ended up standing in the machinery shed for a few minutes, for the heaviest "sprinkle", the rest of the time we just pressed on.  One of the women planned ahead and brought an umbrella.  

Tomorrow morning we have to take Anubis the dog in early to the vet to have those 2 teeth removed.  Later in the week we will be taking Reba the big red mule down to Sierra Vista to have her teeth looked at.  She is about 31 years old and seems to be having some chewing problems.  So we'll have it looked at.  She probably has some hooks on her teeth that need to be rasped off. 

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