Sunday, November 30, 2014

2014 IS ALMOST OVER........!!!

We have one of these, named Snooky.  So far he hasn't figured out how to get the roll off the holder, but he can sure cover the floor with little fluffy pieces of toilet paper.

I can't believe we are still putting fly masks on, the donkeys that have immune issues.  The few flies left after our 20+ degree mornings, have no problem finding those and if we don't put the masks on, they end up with goopy eyes.  

The last few days have gone so smoothly, it's almost boring, no major crisis' or minor catastrophes, "knock on wood".  I don't mind the crisis', but I appreciate it when the donkeys with issues are having good days. 

Penny goes in this week to have Dr. Debra evaluate her teeth and see if there is anything else that can be done to make her mouth better.  I'm sure Penny isn't going to appreciate this attention.  Last time it took almost an hour to pull a bad tooth, and I'm sure she remembers the experience very well.  It also looks like one of us will be hauling her, rather than the usual both of us.  Our appointment is at 9am in town about 13 miles away.  We try to get appointments between 11am and 2pm, but that isn't always possible.  With 24 animals to feed and take care of, especially this time of year when they don't want to move until the sun is up and warm, early doesn't work for us.  So I guess one will haul and one will round up and feed, haven't decided who does what yet though. 

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