Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tried to snow this morning, didn't get much accomplished except to irritate the donkeys.  

At one time the minis & Wister were standing in a shelter with Ruthie having to stand outside in the nasty weather.  At least they are making use to the shelters, it's discouraging that most of the pens have shelters & they usually ignore them.  Guess some of them have figured out it's nicer to be dry than wet.  

Now that the chickens are all gone, & we don't worry about the skunks being here, it seems we have become the place to hang out now.  The other night John was weighing hay for the next morning & heard a squeak, like a bird.  He looked around & instead of a bird, it was a little skunk, standing about 4 feet from John stomping it's feet & squeaking.  Guess it didn't appreciate the light & noise.  John said it finally turned around & headed for the back wall of the barn rather indigently.  I would imagine it lives in there.  

We have at least 2 that seem to live in the back yard or real close to it.  They show up every evening for supper I.E. cat food put out for the outdoor cats.  One night John looked out & a skunk was eating out of one bowl & Hobo out of the other, so I assume they have all come to some sort of agreement about living & eating arrangements.  

Unfortunately we have at least 2 different types of skunks, a hooded & a striped on the back porch & they DO NOT get along.  One night they had a stand off of sorts.  By morning most of the smell had dissipated thank goodness. 

This morning I looked out & Wister & Ruthie were under the big mesquite tree.  He was mouthing like he had something caught.  So I went out to see what was going on.  He had a couple of big cactus thorns caught between his tongue & the roof of his mouth, poor little man.  He's been handled so much, he stood pretty good for me to open his mouth & pull them out.  Guess he'd been trying to eat them, silly boy.  

He sure is an independent little devil.  Usually they stick pretty close to momma,  I know Tucker was pretty much a momma's boy.  But Wister doesn't seem to care whether Ruthie is close to him or not, unless he gets hungry or thirsty. He won't be 2 months old until next Monday.

Everyone else seems to be doing good.  Cheyenne is still quidding her hay, but seems to be feeling perkier, now that she is also getting mush & some whole oats.  Dr. Voss said something about she might have some TMJ.  I guess it's possible although, since she's never been worked & I doubt had a bit in her little mouth, I can't imagine what would have caused it.  As long as she can eat mush & gain back some of her weight I won't worry about it.  She isn't quidding as much as she was before Dr. Voss floated her teeth, so maybe with time it will get better.  

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