Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Looks like a name change in in order for our little guy.  Cathy thinks they are going to call him Don-key Otey, Otey for short.  I don't think he cares as long as someone pays attention to him.  I told her donkeys are real good at clicker training, & since he's pretty much of a clean slate, she could probably get him to do just about anything, once he figures out the game. 

Not much going on around here for a change, everyone is behaving themselves, & except for Cisco & Cheyenne, everyone else seems to be just fine, except for the usual maladies.  We have an appointment for Monday the 11th to take them up to the clinic in Gilbert to see if they can figure out why they both are having trouble eating.  

So I'll talk about other "important" things. 

John took pictures of me with the race car this morning.  It's certainly not pristine looking, he took the pictures from the best side...!!! LOL  

He plans on putting new fenders on it this week, I don't know why.  So he can yell at me when I come in with them wadded up I guess........!!! My first race is the 23rd of Feb, but our son is racing his Super Stock this Saturday.   Our grandson, hasn't got his Super Stock ready to race, I think the motor is still out of it, along with a few other things that need to be fixed.  I know Rod is taking J.R's radiator for this week-end because his has a hole in it.  Don't know if J.R. will race this year or not, A couple of years ago, he didn't get to race because he didn't have a job & we decided, no job, no racing.  This year he has a job, but hasn't got the car ready, so who knows.  I like to see all the cars on the track.  

The other important thing is...........has anyone ever tried using homemade laundry soap?  A neighbor moved a few months ago, & gave me some she  made, she said it was great.  Well I'm a convert, I've never liked detergents & I really don't like how much they cost.  If you do a internet search on homemade laundry soap, there are zillions of recipes & I doubt if enough to do a load of laundry costs 10 cents.  The bar of Fels Naptha cost 97 cents & that's enough to do 6 gallons of soap.  A box of Borax & Washing Soda don't cost very much & it only takes 1 cup of each to make 2 gallons of soap.  The clothes come out soft & whites are whites.  Now if they would just fold themselves, I'd be happy.........!!!!

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