Friday, February 15, 2013

THEY'RE BACK.............!!!!

 Daisy & Frijolita in the background, welcoming Ruthie & "monster man" home.

Ruthie hopped right in the trailer when we picked them up, & Wister (last name change, I hope) tried, but John had to help him by putting his front feet up in the trailer.  He hasn't learned how to jump up yet I guess.  

Cathy said she enjoyed having them that it was a fun experience.  But if she is a horse person, she'll probably be much happier long term with a horse.  Hope she finds one soon, Breezy was a little upset when we left, she needs a buddy.

He looks like he's grown a lot, John said a foot, but I think that might be a little bit of a stretch.  When we got home, since they had been here before, John just let them come out of the trailer on their own.  BIG MISTAKE........!!!!!  I was in  the house, looked out & there are animals running everywhere, dust flying & I even saw John running in the herd.  Hmmmmm...!!!!  Didn't look like a welcoming party, so I went out to see what was going on.  It seems like Jack the mini mule thought Wister would be fun to chase & once the race started, EVERYBODY joined in.  What a mess......... even old Rusty the big mule was participating & really enjoying it, bucking, rearing,  & yelling.  I ran out in front of him to aim him in a different direction & he reared, nostrils flaring & off he went.  Silly old fool, running up & down the banks of the wash just having a great time.  I went after him again to get him into his pen, & about that time Ruthie & Wister headed towards the pens where John was.  Ruthie saw John in the pens & aimed for him.  He closed the gate & that was the end of that. At least I hope today is a little more calm.

Steve is here today to help John redo the pens, so we'll have room for everyone.  Right now we're good, but when Quilla & Gus come back we'll need 2 more pens.  What really needs to be done, especially the pens on the east side is to take all the pens down & start over.  There was some thought put into the pens on the west, but the east side started as an emergency pen & as time went on, got cobbled together as more pens were needed.

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