Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The trip to Gilbert yesterday with Cisco & Cheyenne went well.  Steve a volunteer that's been helping John do some repairs around here went with us for the adventure.  

We were afraid Cisco had something going on with his neck I.E. throat caused by him being a roping donkey in his "former" life, but they had him swallow barium & took x-rays all the way to his stomach.  He has no damage to his neck we could see...........BUT..........his back teeth the grinding ones, on the bottom are worn out to the gumline, in other words he's out of having the ability to grind his hay at the age of 21.  He's already eating mush for most of his calories, so I'll just make sure he always gets plenty, every meal.  We were really glad to find out there isn't anything wrong with his neck.

Cheyenne had hooks on her rear teeth sharp enough to cut the inside of her mouth, her tongue & even the roof of her mouth.  So she got a dental float.  Unfortunately her happy shot wore off before they got done, & she had Steve & 2 vets off the ground more than once.  She may be little, but she is determined.  Wish I had the video camera with me, it was something to see. 

It is really frustrating that they both had teeth problems.  Both had been seen by different vets within the last few months.  Although Cisco got his teeth floated, we were not told that he didn't have any teeth left in the back.  We were told by another vet that Cheyenne had some rough places on her teeth, but not bad enough to float.  I sometimes think vets don't like to work on mini mouths.  Granted it isn't as easy as a larger animal, but I would rather them tell me that & than to not tell me what the problem is. 

Had to drive home in a snow storm, big fluffy wet flakes.  People in Arizona don't always know how to drive in snow, so it's a big worry, especially when you're pulling a trailer with animals in it.  But we managed to get home without getting caught up in someone else's "adventure".

This morning I got a call from Ruthie & Ote's new Mom.  She said she has decided that she would rather have a horse as a companion for her mare, so we will go pick them up Thursday.   It sounded like they were getting along just fine & the mare enjoyed having them.  But maybe this is best, John will be happy, he's been grumpy every since the baby left.

We already had our pens figured out for when Gus & Quilla come back probably in March.  So now we've got to find one more pen for Jack & Molly, the mini mules.  John thinks he has it figured out, so we'll see. 

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