Saturday, February 09, 2013

Heard from Cathy again.  She said everything is still going well with Breezy the horse, Ruthie & Otey.  In fact Breezy has decided that she needs to protect them from horses being ridden by the property.   Otey & Shasta the dog are becoming friends, which is a good thing.  He's actually young enough & has never had anything bad happen to him, so anything & everything is just "hunky dory", from his point of view.  

Going racing tonight.  So far the high for the day is 53 degrees, it was snowing this morning  all around us & the wind is trying to become a hurricane I think.  What a "wonderful" night to go racing.  Since I'm not going in the pits, I told John I might chicken out & go up in the VIP suite.  It's all enclosed, rather than having to sit on the bleachers with the wind circling you as the sun goes down & it gets colder.  Believe me, I've done that a lot over the years.......!!!!! 

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