Monday, March 16, 2020


I don't like to go longer than 4 days without updating the blog.  Sometimes 4 days is even too long if there is a lot of things going on.  I wouldn't say this week has been particularly interesting, but it's really been busy..!!

I had introduced Olivia, the new girl in my last update.  She has really settled in nicely and already has a steady boyfriend.  I don't have much hope for the relationship long term though.  Olivia is a pretty large standard and Justin is one of the minis.  She pretty much ignores him, as he follows her everywhere.  If any of the other geldings come around to introduce themselves he chases them off.  What he lacks in stature, he more than makes up with determination, those other boys need to find a girl of their own, because she is his...........!!

He is pretty cute, and she doesn't seem to mind having him around........!!  LOL

I must say the coronavirus is really putting a cramp in everyone's style.  So many events are being cancelled or rescheduled, it's very disruptive to every day life.  Over 20,000 people have already died from the annual flu this winter, but that doesn't even rate coverage, guess it's not sensational enough.  

I went to the store today because I needed to go.  It was interesting to walk the aisles and see empty shelves.  What are people going to do with all the extra supplies they are probably charging to their credit cards?  I guess people are lining up at stores before they open, to get access to the stuff that isn't there later in the day.  I got what I needed except for John's Vienna sausages he likes to snack on and got out of there.  No canned meats available.  Maybe living out in the boonies gives me a false sense of safety.  John and I have eaten out twice in the last 3 days.  Today we had lunch at Cheddars in Tucson and the place was crowded, so I guess there are a lot of other people that aren't jumping on the panic train either.  

We are continuing to give tours and people are continuing to want to come out and see the donkeys.  Lynn, Linda and Suzanne have had a couple of upcoming races cancelled or rescheduled.  The asphalt track held a practice Friday and had their opening race Saturday and there were a lot of people in the pits and in the bleachers, hopefully they will be able to stay open.  The dirt track has cancelled their next race.  

Lynn and Linda took some of the donkeys into Tucson this week for a fun run in one of the parks.  Linda, Jacque and Sugar and I'm not sure who the brown donkey is.  It might be Paco, or it might not be Paco..........LOL

Here is some of the participants of the fun run and their running partners

This is another new girl, Misty.  She's only been here a few days, but has some racing experience, so in the trailer she went for the fun run.  They said she did great.  She's a pretty dainty little small standard, and has a lot of personality.

Isn't she pretty...??

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ellie k said...

She is pretty and so dainty looking. The donkeys look good.