Monday, March 23, 2020


Well that may be giving him a little more credit than he deserves.  When Eric Lynn was here early in March for his clinic, the guys built an obstacle course for the donkeys to go thru for the clinic.

John digging out a spot for the water crossing.


Water crossing with the odd couple, Olivia and her little shadow Justin. 

They also had tires filled with dirt to look over and jump on. 

Lynn also built railroad tie obstacles for the donkeys to walk or jump over at least the ones that were participating in the clinic.  Big Gus wasn't invited and in fact he and the donkeys not participating had to stay in their pens.  Of course once they were all out, they had to investigate this change in their space.  

I don't know for sure but assume Big Gus was being obnoxious  wanting to be part of the group after the clinic was over.  So Linda put a halter and lead on him and led him thru the railroad tie part of the course.  He did pretty good for an old guy with bad legs.  I'm sure he was very proud of himself, for finally getting to be useful. 

While I'm picking on Big Gus here is an older video showing how he let's people know it's time for them to come out and play with him.  This is why we weren't as surprised as Eric was that Big Gus knew where the doors are........!!! LOL  I don't think there is much goes on around here that he doesn't know about or how to use it to his advantage.  I can't imagine what he was like when he was a youngster.  I hope he was appreciated as much as we appreciate him and his entertaining antics. 

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