Saturday, February 01, 2020


Early morning isn't a good time to take pictures, for one thing it makes them look brown.  They are both grey, she's a solid grey, Benjy is a dapple grey. I think the corral panels are 5 foot, so it gives you a sense of their size.  

John was cleaning their pen, so we both were in with them, and they weren't sure they wanted to interact with 2 of us.  

Actually they are settling in pretty good.  They are coming over to the corral panel to take a carrot, which is a start.  For all practical purposes they are not handled, so between that and the weight they need to lose, they will be here awhile before we can even think about finding them a home. 

Cochise is a little better today, doesn't seem to have a temperature.  He's still breathing funny, Dr. Jeremy said it would be 36-48 hours before we'd see much improvement, so that will be tomorrow. 

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