Saturday, September 22, 2018


It's amazing to me that it has taken this long for him to figure out clicker training.  But I think this morning it finally clicked for him.  He's still not acting like I'm a Pez dispenser.  The donkeys once they get it figured out, they will stand there and push on the target repeatedly.  I would imagine for him it has to do with his distrust of humans in general.  He touches, hears the click, gets the treat of the day and backs off a few steps to chew.  Today's treat was oats, something he usually doesn't get.  Tomorrow will be Nutrena Safe Choice, which is also not usually on his menu. 

I'm not giving him treats except when we're "working" and I only work with him for about 5-10 minutes a day.  He still hasn't been out of his pen, we're waiting until Lynn and Linda get here, probably next week, for extra bodies to help round up the little devil if his chubby little body will still fit under the bottom barbed wire perimeter fence. 

If this looks like the tech has a death grip on Lennon at the vet, I would imagine she does.  Lennon is not fond of going to the vet and if given the chance will escape.  Guess they are getting all the 4 legged "fur" kids ready for the trip down to Arizona.  Hopefully the donkeys Coggins tests are still good, I think they are good for 6 months and they had them right before they left for Colorado in May. 

Loki was running with Linda this day, isn't his outfit gorgeous?   He really wants to pass the other runners and get to the front.  Linda said it was quite an experience after running with Leddy.  Leddy is more a parade donkey his speed isn't going to win any races.......LOL

This is Pepsi and Justin hanging out beside Mary Margaret, who won the Triple Crown this year.  Maybe they think her speed will rub off on them...!!

Turbo's ready to go...!! 

2018 season is over, might as well enjoy the fireworks....!!

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