Friday, September 07, 2018

GOOD NEWS.....!!

It's hard to believe how much better Frijolita looks this morning.  Her swelling is down and she is eating, a little slow, but managing.

A little swelling, but nothing like it was last night

Her lip is still swollen, but she's able to chew hay, she finished what Doug put in her bunk last night before he brought new hay

John's called a couple of times, it seems like when either of us takes off for a few days, some crisis happens..!! LOL 

His trip went good, no problems well, except for landing at a different gate in Chicago than originally scheduled.  The original gate was close to his connecting gate.  The new gate was almost in the same county.........!!  LOL  Maybe not quite that bad, but he had a hike and not a lot of time, but he made it OK.  

Tonight and tomorrow he will do class reunion stuff and Sunday will be the family reunion.  Sounds like quite a few family are going to be there, hope they all make it.

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