Wednesday, September 12, 2018

HE'S BACK.............!!

Some of you might remember this little guy, Casper the mini mule.....!  He had gone out to a home about a year ago and was going to be trained to pull a little cart.  But illness raised it's ugly head and Bryan hasn't been able to work with him, so we asked to take him back.  He has been passed around so much in his life he needs a stable forever home with a person he can call his own.  That is, if he ever learns to rely on a person.  He doesn't really need to have people in his life, although you can work with him, once you put your hand on him.  It's almost like a signal to him, that it's time to put up with the silly humans........!!!  He's had training at sometime in his life, he's just rather not cooperate if he doesn't have to.  

I sat in his pen tonight after chores, and he looked at me like I was trying to trick him, although I didn't move much, just talked to him.  He hung around me, more than arm's length away..........he's not stupid.  

Right now he's in a pen, which one of the problems with him is, he can camo crawl under fence or panels.  These are pretty close to the ground and he doesn't look like he's missed many meals since he's been gone, so hopefully the pen will contain him.  Chubby probably wouldn't make camo crawling very easy.  I'd like to let him be out with the donkeys, BUT, our barbed wire perimeter fence, isn't even a challenge for him, under he goes, without even slowing down much........!!!  LOL  At least he did when he was here before.  And I'm sure he remembers exactly how to do it.  Bryan isn't a treat person, but when we put him in the trailer, he turned around and begged for a treat, so I'm pretty sure he hasn't forgotten anything.........!! 

Lynn Linda and the donkeys raced in Victor last week-end.  They only have one more race and the season will be over until next summer.  Linda ran with Leddy and Lynn ran with Loki.  Pepsi, Justin, Turbo and Leo ran with others.  Linda said this was the 1st race every team finished.  I guess there is always some that don't finish, but not this time...........!

Click to see.......   THE START OF THE VICTOR RACE

Pepsi was the bravest to challenge the fake duck in their drinking water

Leo and Turbo getting ready to cross the finish line

Might as well snack a little before going home

Not sure Pepsi appreciates his prize, but I think it was quite an accomplishment, out of all the donkeys in the race, Pepsi was recognized as the nicest ass.


ellie k said...

I wish I could take Casper, I need someone to love and someone to love me. We could work something out between us I think. But I live in Florida and I do not have enough space to keep him. I hope he finds a good forever home. He needs a person all his own.

Tish said...

Yes he does need a person of his own. We will try letting him out after a few days and I'll cross my fingers that he will stay in. Unfortunately I doubt that he will. One of our neighbors has 2 horses that he went down to visit before. Unfortunately it's north of us and down the main road. If it was down our dirt road, I wouldn't worry about it so much.