Sunday, September 09, 2018


She is doing just fine, eating,  drinking and eating carrots, although her upper lip is still swollen.  She also was complaining rather loudly yesterday about being left in the pens when everyone else were out and about.  So after she finishes breakfast and gets her last little bit of Dex, she can go out with the others today.  I know BlackJack will be happy, he is usually stays with her, although he hasn't hung around the pen since she's been staying in.   Guess love only goes so far.......!!! LOL

I wish they could all go over to Burroland, but the beans on the ground still look edible.  This has really been a weird year for the mesquite beans.  Last year the pods were fat with big beans inside and when they dropped it only took 2-3 weeks for them to get dark and unappetizing.

This year the pods didn't fill out very big and they have been on the ground since July and still look good.  Also this year because of all the rain I guess, we've actually had another crop of beans.  They are still on the trees and haven't started to ripen yet, but I'm sure they will......!!

It's a good thing Doug got pictures of the roadrunner babies the day he did, because they are gone.  Haven't seen their heads sticking up and the parents are nowhere to be found now.  I'm sure the lizard population, what there is left, will appreciate not having them around.

John will be coming home from Indiana tomorrow afternoon.  He said the same thing I always say when I go back to Missouri, you can't really go home again.  When he 1st drove into Crown Point, where he was raised, he thought his childhood home had been torn down.  All he saw in the area was businesses.  But when he drove back thru the area, he said there were businesses across the road, and down the road, but the one block was still houses.  He said the old house looked nice, thought it looked better than the last time he saw it a few years ago.  His aunt and uncle that raised him built the house in the early 1930's, so it was built to last.

Lynn and Linda are burro racing this week-end, don't know how many donkeys will be racing.  I'm sure they will take more than just 2.....LOL

They did a people race last week-end..........

Linda finishing 3rd for women, OBTW the theme was Mellow Yellow and she also won for best dressed woman

Lynn finished 2nd in the long run for men
Linda was going to run with Saddik, but this race didn't allow dogs, for some reason.  

I race next week-end, we will run 2 main events in one night, hopefully the 1st one will be uneventful.......!!!  LOL  The guy in 5th place isn't that far behind me, so I need to at least finish both races, preferably good finishes..!!

Believe it or not, the other car is driven by a guy.........LOL  It's actually the guy that pushed me into the wall last year when the frame had to be straightened the 1st time.

Our grandson's new house comes with the back yard is........3 dwarf trees......grapefruit, navel orange and a lemon.......!!!  They are all loaded with fruit that will probably get ripe around Christmas.........!!!  YUM.........!!! 

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