Friday, September 28, 2018


Haven't heard anything from Lynn and Linda today.  If they are on the road, I'm sure they are busy and hopefully will get a few minutes tonight to at least let us know where they are. 

John has the pens ready and a chart showing where the 7 donkeys coming with them will go.  This morning he worked on the washed out fence over on Burroland from our big rain, last week.  Since the donkeys haven't been going over to Burroland, he quit fence fixing with the other 2 fences that are over on this side.  But now that the mesquite beans on the ground have finally started breaking down Burroland can be opened, and I'm sure it won't take the donkeys long to find it out.  The problem will be to get them to come back over to this side.  The 1st few days they will not be very cooperative at all and that is an understatement.  We'll get our exercise, chasing them all over Burroland.   LOL

This morning I opened up the dog pen, which has been closed since the dogs left.  There's unappetizing looking beans on the ground from the trees in there, but there is also lots of weeds that are about knee high.  If the donkeys go in there, it won't be quite so "wild" for the dogs to tramp down.  So far no one has noticed it's open.  

Next week John and I were suppose to transport an intact jack to a vet in N.M. to be gelded before he goes into a rescue up in the mountains of north eastern Arizona.  It had been put on hold until Lynn and Linda get here, so we could overnight, otherwise it was going to be a really long day.  Started putting it together this morning and found out there is no health certificate or Coggins test on him.  I talked to the woman that has the rescue and she said because they are in an isolated area, the N.M. vet is the closest to them, and they haul back and forth across state line all the time.  

That may be, I'm sure the state police, local sheriffs and N.M livestock inspectors in that area are well aware of what's going on.....BUT....... we would be on interstate in an area south of where they are usually running around.  We have heard horror stories, of getting stopped by N.M. authorities with undocumented equine.  It's expensive and time consuming to get your animals and rig back and we just can't take a chance.  I called the owner and he said no problem, but it will take time to get the paperwork done, so it won't be when we planned.  

I hadn't talked to the owner before he said the donkey is on 30-40 acres and wondered how many people we were bringing.........!!   Hmmmm, sounds like it might be an adventure.  I asked if he could be!!  But he said something about a smaller corral area, so hopefully if we can get him in there, we can get him in the trailer.  Wonder if Lynn and Linda will be ready for adventure in a few days?  LOL

This is not normal.....!!

Poor Boaz, he's had a rough summer and now he has this.  I have no idea if he got bit or stung or what, but this can't be comfortable.  Dr. Jeremy said to rinse him down with a hose and I've been doing that for a couple of days.  

Dr. Jeremy will be here in the morning with Tyler to work on Gus.  And we'd already talked about working on Boaz's chest, so we'll just add this to the list I guess. 

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