Monday, September 18, 2017


Good question, today was the 2nd day of Burroland opening at 4pm for about an hour's worth of eating as many mesquite beans as they can find.  

Yesterday at 4pm, we went out to open the gate....unfortunately there was no donkeys in sight.  I opened the gate making as much noise with the gate as I could, but no takers.  So John and I started looking for them, the first few actually followed us and passed us when they figured out what was happening.  BlackJack stopped right inside the gate, in fact his fanny was still almost in the opening of the gate, head down, munching away.  

Got the easy ones and then went out with a halter, and caught a couple, led them over and their friends followed.  We got all of them except Gus stayed on this side, I don't want him eating any beans anyway.  

At 5pm, John went over in Burroland and Doug stayed on this side to put whoever showed up in their pens.  I wandered out to see how things were going, they had about half of them in and John was searching for the others.  So I grabbed my trusty riding bat, which makes a snapping noise when I slap my thigh with it, they seem to hate and off I went.  

All those lovely green weeds have turned brown and are very sticky and very brittle.  Since I wear flip flops, it was an interesting experience, but I did find some hold outs, that started running as soon as they saw me.  Didn't even have to snap my bat, and of course I couldn't keep up with the racers, but they knew I was back there.  I also saw poor little Casper over at the neighbors all by himself.  He was running the fence and squealing in his little helium mule voice at all the excitement.  I stopped long enough to tell him, if he'd stay in the fence he could come over here and play with the donkeys, but he basically ignored me.  We're on the lookout for a little mini mare or mini molly mule, I wish I knew of one I could borrow to see if he would behave himself with a little girl.  We don't know for sure but I think the horses he tried to fight with were probably all males.  Of course since we've had him gelded and it's been over a year since that happened, he might get along with geldings now without all that testosterone coursing thru his system......!!  

Today went about the same, except today some of them added bucking and farting to the running.......LOL  But they headed in the right direction, Doug said it sounded like a herd of elephants coming in......!!  

John is leaving Thursday for Indiana, will be gone until Sunday evening, so it will just be Doug and I to round them up.  Hopefully by Thursday they will come in on their own and I won't have to wade thru those nasty weeds.  I'm not holding my breath though, wish I had some boots to wear.....LOL

Linda sent some more pictures of their latest outing.  There is actually a video of Turbo going thru this creek rather than trying to jump it without touching water.  Leo went thru it like it was no big deal, so maybe Turbo is learning by observing.  Sure is pretty country.........!!!

They tried leading one donkey and having the other 2 at liberty and said it went really well.  I have a good friend that walks all over Arizona in the summer with her little mini named Jasmine and she has Jasmine at liberty a lot of the time when they are out on trails.  Leigh Anne said Jasmine will stop to sneak a bite or two, but knows when it's time to catch up and hurries to join up.  She has a little pack saddle and carries their supplies, when they go out for days and camp.  

We were back at the junkyard today, getting another spindle for the race car.  It's pretty bad when the people working there remember you were just there a couple of days ago.....!!!   The spindle we got the other day is from a newer Neon and for some reason they changed the spindles and it wouldn't fit the older Neon......!!  John needs to get the right side of the front end put together enough to get a wheel on it, he's suppose to take it down to a racing buddy's shop to get some welding done Wednesday.  Once the welding is done, John says it's just about done.  We'll take it out on the road for a high speed run to make sure everything is OK, John will follow in the truck.  We'll also take it to a practice at the track the night before the race the 30th.  Our last race this season will be the 16th of October and we will run 2 main events.  Hopefully the car will stay together for all 3 races, I'm still in 3rd place for end of the year points. 

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