Wednesday, September 20, 2017


John just called, he had taken my car down to a friend's to do some welding.  Yesterday he finished doing all the suspension work, and got it ready to race the 30th.  He wanted me to drive it up on the trailer.  I got in, started it up, put it in gear, let out on the clutch, it moved about 6 inches and made one of the most horrible noises I've ever heard, I can't even explain how horrible the sound was.  John looked at everything and didn't see anything, asked me to try again..........same results, so he winched it up on the trailer to take to Gary.

He called to tell me they found the problem.  Although they had porta powered and pushed this and pulled that, unfortunately the the car is so bent the axle won't go in far enough to engage, that's what the noise was, the axle almost where it should be but not really........!!!  It's too bent to fix, so my little road racing Dodge Neon ACR is no more.  

Thankfully I have a backup Kia Sephia.  It won't be competitive, but will keep me in the chase for end of year points hopefully, if I don't get ran over again..........LOL  Poor John has been under that car since the 3rd of Sept turning wrenches and busting knuckles.  I don't know of another husband that would work so hard so his wife could go have fun.

This morning I had a nice young man come over to help me work with videos, you know cut them up and piece them together.  Otherwise you end up with a 15 minutes of video that could tell the story in 30 seconds.  I hope it is as simple as he said it was.  He had me do it and of course with him here looking over my shoulder it was easy..............we'll see long term.  If this video downloads, this is what we did while he was here.  I haven't done anything since he left.............LOL

Shannon his girlfriend has been here a couple of times to brush the donkeys and she came with him this morning, which I'm sure the donkeys enjoyed.  They love to be groomed and it's just something that gets lost in the shuffle around here most of the time.

Yesterday the donkeys hung around the gate to Burroland most of the day.  They were ready, when we opened the gate.  Wish they were that cooperative when their hour of fun is over.  I tried going over on the quad, which doesn't work very well.  You run on the path Lynn made in the spring and see a donkey.  Of course the donkey isn't close to the path, so you have to get off and go to the donkey, who starts running away from where they know you want him to go.  So you chase donkey until he gives up and heads for the gate.  By this time you can't see the quad for all the brush etc and surprise, surprise as soon as you head for the quad, the donkey changes direction.  John was much more efficient on foot than I was.  I even tried going cross country, which was "fun", I had lots of cactus to pick out of my feet and legs and not one donkey to show for my effort.

John is leaving for Indiana tomorrow and I'm afraid the donkeys are going to be on the 10 acres only, until he gets back Sunday.  If they would come back at feeding time without all the drama, it would be OK, BUT that isn't what is happening.  It's going to be traumatic I'm sure, they've gone over there for 4 days in a row, so as far as they are concerned that is the way it should be done.

Another picture Linda sent of Leo, looks like he's been hanging around with Boaz too much, his tongue is sticking out.  I'm not sure what they call the spotted ones that have 3 colors, tri-color works for me, but I'm not sure that's right.  

We had a tri-color mule here years ago and strangely enough his name was Chief, which was Leo's name in a former life.  I know I have pictures of him, but haven't figured out where.  Maybe I'll find them, if I do I'll add them.


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