Sunday, September 17, 2017


This is a cute cartoon, love the facial expresssions.

The donkeys "might" have some excitement in their lives today.  I am going to take the quad over to Burroland and see if it is at all possible to let them go over for an hour or so before afternoon round-up.  

I'm sure if we let them over there, they will be so eager to come back over here after just an hour or so..........NOT.....!!!  LOL  The 1st few days will be like herding cats I would imagine.  

The mornings are getting cool enough that John says he is going to start taking fly masks off at night.  We leave them on in the summer 24/7 except for taking them off to check for sticks or something that isn't suppose to be there.  Or if we see a weepy eye.  Other than that they stay on all the time during fly season, flies unfortunately get up before we do in the morning, during the season.  

Last night we went to the races, our late model and pro-stock were racing, and we don't want to miss anything.  They did OK, had some issues that kept them from being really competitive, but the cars came home in one piece, so that was a good thing.  

John is still working on my car trying to get it ready for the 30th.  There was so much damage underneath, every time he takes something off he finds more damage.  We've been to the junkyard 3 times and have to go again tomorrow.  We're dealing with,  1995, 1998 and 2001 parts and are finding out that they aren't the same.  So when we go to the junkyard and find something that looks good, when we get it home, it doesn't always fit.  

He's still got 2 weeks, but he's going to be gone for 4 days this week-end to a family reunion in Indiana, so he's starting to panic.  My theory is, I have 2 backup cars sitting just waiting to be called up to the front line.  Granted they wouldn't be as competitive, but they would keep me in the battle for points, and I have a pretty good point lead on the 4th place car.  John was awake over 2 hours the other night, trying to figure out how to fix the car..........LOL   Don't think it really helped much, except to make him tired the next day.  

Last night when we drove in the driveway at about 2am, when I was getting out of the car to open the gate, a mouse ran across my foot.  He made a quick u-turn and disappeared in the darkness, but I can't figure out why he ran towards a moving car in the 1st place.  Certainly surprised me.........LOL

Linda sent pictures of Leo's adoption party complete with a fruit plate.  Doug suggested Luc-ass, but Linda said there is already a Luc-ass that races.  Then I thought of Linus aka Lin-ass, but he had already been renamed.  At the rate they are going they might need another name in the future, that and a larger trailer.....!!!  

I asked Linda why the other boys weren't at the party.  She said they had to be locked out for the picture taking, they were being entirely too "helpful",  especially with the lovely fruit plate.  But once the pictures were taken they were allowed back in for the festivities aka, also know as "eat the fruit".  She said Leo isn't that big a fan of fruit, but I'm sure he'll learn quickly. 

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