Tuesday, September 26, 2017


He got home in time to go to bed and get up for chores the next morning, no rest for the wicked you know..........LOL  He had a good time visiting and telling war stories, with family and Mark's buddies.  Mark and Sandy his sister always show their guests a great time.  

Needless to say the donkeys were absolutely thrilled to have him home.  I don't think it was personal, BUT, it meant they got to go over to Burroland after 4 days of not going over.  They made the most of it, it took about an hour and a half to get them all back over to the pen area.  The last 2, BlackJack and Justin were being sneaky, I think they were doubling back, if seen and seemed to know where we were at all times.  Finally John rooted them out and they gave up the chase.  

Their winter hair is really coming in quickly, it hasn't been that long ago we were still brushing last winter's hair off them.  Donkeys really shed weird.  Horses seem to shed in the spring and get it over with pretty quickly once the process starts.  Then they are good until about now.  

Donkeys don't even start shedding until May or June and then it's not really shedding.  You can brush them and maybe get a brush full of hair total.  By the end of July early August it starts letting go a little more.  By the time they've shed completely out, it seems in a couple of weeks they are starting to get hairy again, don't know how they do it.  A lot of new donkey families worry when they don't shed out and it's 110*. but this seems to be the donkey way it's done.  

I think I might have stumbled onto something about Penny we never thought about.  She is always on alert, there is no way you could ever surprise her or sneak up on her.  This morning when I got up, she was outside the bedroom window, less than 20 feet from the house, snacking on dried up sticky weeds.  They don't look very appetizing to me, but the donkeys seems to think they are tasty.  

When the donkeys are around the house I always talk to them, I started talking to her and she did not react at all.  I clapped my hands, nothing.  Don Juan came roaming around and when I talked to him, his ears swiveled and he tried to figure out where the voice was coming from.  Now I'm wondering if one of the reasons she is so alert at all times, is because she doesn't hear well, or maybe at all.  

I will be racing this week-end in the Kia.  We're suppose to take it out on the road today to see if it handles OK and doesn't fall apart.  I'm sure it will be fine, but John is a worry wart, and I do need to get some seat time.  I thought we were going to do it this morning, but John's up there doing something and hasn't come back down to the house, guess we'll do it later.  

The guy that wrecked me last race day, put out the word on FaceBook that he is going to hang up his helmet after this season.  As far as I'm concerned he can hang it up right now and I won't have to watch out for him our last 3 races.  LOL

I wonder what Quilla did with his ears?  He talks with his ears more than any of the other donkeys, I have a feeling he was begging for cookies..  Thanks Linda for the pictures........!!

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