Tuesday, August 01, 2017

DID YOU MISS ME.........?????

I have been without internet for 4 days, consequently I couldn't update my blog.  It all started with an electrical storm, that didn't seem that close until it "zapped"  my router for the computer.  Called my provider and they were out that afternoon to replace it.  That evening when I was making sure I hadn't missed something while my router was down, we had another nasty storm, only this time it as really quick, really loud and I saw fire in my computer corner, where I was sitting.  And my brand new router,was no more.  The poor thing only lasted about 6-7 hours....!!!  Called again and was told they had no more routers, I wasn't the only one having router outages.  We had a lot of nasty weather for 2 or 3 days.  They had them on order and it took till this morning to get them.  Robert, bless his heart came out as soon as they got them.

We've known Robert since he was about 3 years old.  His mom has been in this valley probably close to 50 years and he was raised here.  I was looking for a rooster when he was a little bitty thing and his mom said she had an extra one, she'd drop by next time she went to town.  Unfortunately Robert was with her and he was under the impression that rooster was his.  Oh! my, talk about a rooster loving breakdown.......I hope the rest of her trip went better than the few minutes they were here.  LOL

Heard from Linda about their latest burro pack race last week-end.  She said the boys seem to be figuring out what they are suppose to do.  This year was suppose to be mostly training to get the boys use to all the excitement and being out of their comfort zone.  She said when they were loading Leddy and Turbo, Quilla started braying.  I guess he likes going on adventures too.  Maybe if they have another parade, that's more his style, but I guess he's ready to go anywhere now.  I told her Quilla and Boaz are going to be bored when they come back down here, we don't do anything exciting, like they do on a daily basis, there's always something going on up there, it sounds like.

Here's a nice picture of Leddy all ready to go, or resting afterwards, I'm not sure which.  She said he's lost some weight, which is a good thing.  He was a little chubby before they left for Colorado.  All this running and training is good exercise.

Unfortunately, the flies have finally arrived in Colorado and the donkeys are having to wear flymasks.  I'm sure the flies aren't as bad as they are in Arizona.  You would think with all the rain and humidity, the flies  would have plenty of moisture.  I don't think they are as bad as when it's really dry, but they are still a nuisance.

Here's Quilla showing off his fly mask and leggings.   The boys were already wearing masks and Quilla was wearing leggings when they left in early May, so Colorado weather is definitely better for them. 

I had to put leggings on Coquette this morning.  I've been able to keep her legs from getting bloody with daily doctoring, but noticed this morning a couple of spots that were open, so she's now covered on all 4 legs.  Gus and Penny are the only others having to have their legs covered.  So I'm actually having a pretty easy summer of doctoring this year, thanks to Linda.

We're still fighting the battle of the mesquite beans, not to mention green stuff growing everywhere.  Most of them are looking at our offer of hay, like we're trying to poison them by giving them "equine jerky" as my good friend Claire called it years ago.  Why would they eat hay when all that green stuff is out there just for the taking.  Coquette just looks at the hay like we aren't very bright if we think she's going to waste her time eating "THAT".......!!  She's plumped up nicely and when the season is over she is going on a diet along with some of the other chunky ones. 

We have had a few cows go on the 20 acres.  John opened the gate a few days ago, hoping they would go in.  But I don't think they've made a dent in the mesquite beans over on Burroland.  There are still quite a few beans over on this side and the donkeys are eating all they can find, but there's always more when the wind blows.  Even with all the rain, none of the ones that have fallen have turned black yet.  Over here the donkeys are eating them before they have a chance to lay very long.  But they are piling up over in Burroland.

Thanks for the pictures, Linda.


Witcheylady said...

Love Linda's pictures!
Yes, equine jerky & then you get one that soaks his own hay...lol.

Tish said...

Linda's been so good about sharing their adventures with us. Just shows he's smarter than the average horse. LOL