Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Almost every day we get at least a shower, sometimes it's 1/2 inch or more.  The donkeys are still only on the 10 acres, and actually there aren't many beans left.  It keeps them busy running around just to make sure more haven't fallen.  Because of all the rain we now have lots of green stuff coming up.  So that is keeping them busy too.  

Hopefully by the time it stops raining, the beans over in Burroland will have laid on the ground and gotten wet enough to no longer be edible.  I don't mind them eating the green stuff and if it doesn't rain for a couple of days it will wither up anyway.  Actually today is suppose to be zero chance of rain.

We were suppose to race last Saturday night......BUT.......Mother Nature had other plans.  Although the race director told us at the driver's meeting we would race if it took all night.  They finished one race and here came the rain.  We all stood around and lamented our fate, and at 9pm the powers to be, gave up and sent us home.  Actually the Hornets are the only cars running street tires, so we could probably have ran, although I'm sure someone would have ended up in the wall, so it's probably just as well.

Gigi is walking good for her.  I haven't taken her "diaper" boot off.  Since it's so rainy I've left it on to hopefully keep it from sealing over again.  I'll probably take it off tomorrow, I'm sure it's worn thru by now.  Gorilla tape is good, but not that good.

Smoky Joe is gimping around again, so I guess his abscess sealed over too.  It's not bad enough to keep him from chasing the girls.  Coquette seemed to be the focus this morning, although she wasn't interested in playing the game.  She had 3 geldings chasing her around, one of them was Joe.  She needs to lose weight anyway, so the exercise will do her good........!!!  LOL

If anyone in the Tucson area has cats and wants a well built cat tree, get in touch with James Caddell at 520 272-6850.  He also has facebook pages, but they aren't very easy to use.  One is  Custom made cats trees by James. 

Anyway this is a "beauty" we picked up yesterday.  It's very heavy and very well made, has 5 levels a rope scratching area, a scratching pad and a tennis ball.  John had to use a 2 wheel cart to get it into the house it's so heavy.  We paid $150 for it, which compared to what is available in the pet stores was a bargain.  He said that's how he got started building them, his wife got one at Petsmart for $130, they have 3 cats.  He said after 6 months it was falling apart, so he decided he could do better. 

Put it in place and I think everyone was on it at least once.  Nigel went up on the top level and was still there when we went to bed.  There's 5 levels but the chances of all of them getting on it at one time is slim to none.  Moogee hates the 3 boys and they seem to have the same opinion of her.  Julius the outdoor cat that comes in daily, actually use to lay on the old cat tree, he came in this morning and skirted around it, because it wasn't there yesterday.  Cats are funny little creatures......!!!

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