Thursday, July 20, 2017

I'M BACK..........!!!

Actually I've been back for a couple of days...........but it's taken this long to catch up........!!!   LOL  Just going thru the mail was an experience.

John and Doug took good care of the "fur" kids, although John called Dr. Jeremy out to look at Gigi's foot after I left.  He agreed that it was an abscess and she isn't the best patient, so rather than fight with her and get her all upset they agreed to let it open on it's own.  I think it was the next day she was walking pretty good.  Unfortunately by the time I got home, she was 3 legged lame again, I guess it sealed over.  With the rain and wet ground, it's not unusual to have abscesses.  In fact Smoky Joe gimped around over a couple of days, yesterday he was walking good.  

So we soaked Gigi's foot in White Lightning and wrapped it in a diaper and duct tape boot and she seems a little better today.  Usually with an abscess as soon as it pops, they walk normal, but she's still limping.  If she isn't OK by tomorrow, I'll probably soak her again.

Linda  shared a video of one of their friends and his burro Sheba.  She obviously wants the road to herself.  Isn't it pretty country?

I'm just putting in the link, lately my blog has been uncooperative when I try to download a video to my account.

She also sent a silly picture of Boaz

He's had gotten begging down to a fine art.  She said he has learned to put his tongue on her leg or whatever body part he can get to.  LOL  

As for my trip, it was uneventful, which when flying is a good thing.  Well, the 20 minute sprint thru the Houston airport to catch a connecting flight wasn't a lot of fun.  We took off from Tucson about an hour late, so needless to say we also landed in Houston late.  Wouldn't have been such an experience, except it's a long long way from Gate 34 to Gate 6.  As I was running (well by half way, it was more of a hobble) I wondered if I collapsed on the floor, #1 would anyone notice, and #2 if they picked me up would they take me to my gate or insist on taking me someplace I didn't want to go?  If I had thought they'd take me to my gate, I might have tried it............LOL 

I dreaded going to Missouri in July, figured it would be really hot and really really humid.  I was pleasantly surprised, the weather was really nice, although the natives were complaining about it being hot.  It wasn't over 100* so I had no complaints.  

I can mark another car rental company off my list.  For some reason I ended up with Budget, rather than my favorite Enterprise.  Got my paperwork and key in my hand, go to where they said my car was and it was a Smart car.  

There is no way I would ever drive one of these little coffins without handles out of a parking lot and into traffic.  My paperwork said a Hyundai Accent or equivalent..........  So I made a u-turn and went back to the counter with my complaint.  I was told that was their economy car and I would have to upgrade, did I want a 6.2 Dodge Challenger or a Dodge 6.2 Charger?  No I just wanted transportation, not a ticket.........!! LOL  He ask if I could drive stick shift, so ended up with a Ford Focus.  No big deal but it was keyless and 6 speed with the reverse on the left instead of the right, so I had somewhat of a learning process, especially when it came to backing up, I had to get the book out of the glove compartment.  To back up, you had to lift up on the boot around the gear shift.  I have a complaint into Budget, about having to upgrade, I'm sure they will really take my complaint into consideration..................not....!!  LOL

I knew there would be some downtime, I don't expect what little family I have left to entertain me, 24/7, so I found out Lucas Oil Speedway was having a big dirt late model show in Wheatland, Missouri.  If you have never heard of Wheatland, I'm not surprised, there are 431 people in the town..........there were probably 10,000 in the grandstands for the races.  

Preparing the track

Some of the cars hot lapping
The man that started Lucas Oil Company, owns 1/2 the county and most of the town according to some of my cousins.  They said he decided to build a 1st class racing complex for lots of different types of racing, including boats.  From what I saw he's accomplished his dream, it is really a wonderful place to watch races. And I would imagine it would also be a lot of fun to race on too.......!!  LOL 

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