Saturday, July 08, 2017


We actually had a few sprinkles last night and today it's really humid, so hopefully we'll get some rain in the next few days.  I'd hate to put up with humidity without eventually getting some much needed rain.  

The donkeys are vacuuming up ripened mesquite beans as fast as they can.  The problem with mesquite beans is, if we locked them in their pens and that would have to be done for weeks, not days, the beans would still be there.  Unless we got a good soaking rain.  The beans on the ground turn black if it rains and the donkeys won't eat them.  That's a good thing........!!!!  

So they are staying in their pens until noon before they go out for the afternoon.  I was hoping it would be so hot by then they would just go find a shade tree to stand under.  They seem to be determined to eat beans no matter how hot it is.  

Gus has a routine of eating slow, so he usually doesn't go out until noon anyway.  He has a special soft place by the dog pen where he likes to lay most of the afternoon.  But once the beans started falling, he started spending his afternoon roaming around looking for beans.  John and Doug put up corral panels around the area, so now he is locked in for the afternoon.  He is chronically foundered, has to wear special shoes on his front feet, and doesn't need the extra sugar and starch in the beans.  None of them do, but, as we say mesquite beans are like "crack" for donkeys.  

Doug took these awhile back of Gus in his "spot" hanging out with Saddik

I guess they are "best" buds

Linda sent more pictures from Colorado, this time it was a doggie outing in the mountains.  They all looked like they were having a lot of fun, in the tall grass.

Saddik surveying what looks like an old burn area
Cute picture of Lola

I think this is Lennon getting a drink, looks like he knows how it works

Thanks Linda for sharing your adventures with us.........!!!

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