Thursday, August 10, 2017


Tonight is going to be a traumatic experience for all the donkeys............they will be kept in their pens overnight.  And will continue to stay in at night until the tasty weeds and mesquite beans are gone or at least not as tasty as they seem to be now.  

All the rain we've had this year has cause the vegetation including beans to explode.  Our greenery isn't as tall as a lot of people are having to contend with, I guess the donkeys walking around and nipping off tasty bites has kept it under control a little bit.  We've seen areas that are waist high and still growing, on the way to town.  

All the donkeys are fat except for svelte Miss Penny Packer, she seems to have a built in calorie counter and only eats what she needs to keep her girlish figure.  The ones like Rosie, Buddy Brat, and Coquette are eating machines and they look like it.  Getting weight off them is almost impossible even when there isn't that much to eat on the property.  

So this calls for drastic measures........!!!  They will stay in until noon, like they've been doing for weeks.  When they go in to eat in the afternoon they will stay in until noon the next day.  So they will get about 4-5 hours out a day.  And if they continue to reject their mush and hay, which has become SOP recently, they may lose most of that. Gus will still get moved during the day to the temporary pen by the dog pen.  He could stay in there 24/7 but there isn't a shelter in case it rains.  

It's going to be real noisy around here I would imagine.  They are all so anxious to get out of their pens, you would think we use them as torture.  We've told them that many donkeys are kept in a little pen and never get to go out to explore and snack on flora and fauna, but they don't seem to care....LOL  So this is going to really upset their applecart, I would imagine.  

The greenery will dry up pretty quick without rain.  In fact some of it is already wilting.  But the beans will be viable, until they lay and turn black.  Don't know how long that will take, but I guess we'll find out.  

Did have something good happen this week.  Because of the rain we've been having Chris couldn't deliver hay and we were getting down to raking the hay barn floor, if the weather didn't let up.  Not that most of the donkeys would care, they have been less than appreciative of the hay they've been getting lately anyway. 


The weatherman finally strung 3 or 4 days of no rain together in the forecast, so we made a date, and it worked out.  We use to get twice as much at a time, but it took a year to use it.  Chris is willing to bring half a load and come out more often, so that's much better for us.  

The flies right now are horrid.  My fly traps are working overtime and of course I still use the fly predator wasps, BUT, right now the cattle flies that sit on their backs are bad and the stable flies that chew on their legs below the knee are busy.  I don't think the cattle flies go in the traps, they actually don't bite the donkeys, They sit on the donkeys backs and make them twitch constantly waiting for a cow to come by I guess.  I'm not sure about the stable flies, but I doubt if they get in the traps.  They feed within 2 feet of the ground, and the traps are in a tree.

Our son Rod, raced his modified last week-end and finished 2nd, which is his best finish on asphalt.  It was a great race to watch, he and the 1st place car battled back and forth and Rod lost by about a foot, at the checkered flag.  

His margin of loss was even less than this picture taken during the battle........!!

Lynn, Linda and the boys raced 15 miles at Leadville, CO last week-end.  I don't even want to think about how far 15 miles is.............LOL  And that was the short run, the long one was 29 miles....!! 

They finished, the boys behaved themselves, no more jackass meltdowns and Turbo and Lynn got to round up a couple of wayward burros.  I guess at one time Lynn was holding on to 2 burros and Turbo after he and Turbo ran them down.

The race started at over 10,000 feet and went up from there........!! 

Linda and Leddy discussing strategy, maybe?

Turbo sporting his new hat.....!!!  


Here's a link, Linda sent about one of the racers, it's an interesting read, she might have won if she had gotten her rest...........!!!   LOL

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