Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The donkeys seem to be resigned to only getting an hour or so out of their pens.  But they do know how to tell time, and know when it's time to go out......!!!  

We've noticed the beans that have been laying on the ground for a few days are not being eaten, which is a good thing.  They are eating the newly fallen beans and all the greenery that is everywhere.  So this afternoon we'll let them out for 2 hours and see how it goes.  There are still plenty of beans up in the trees, that will fall when the wind blows, so I don't think they will go hungry.  

Haven't heard from Linda about how their race went last week-end as yet.  I'm sure they are busy, busy, busy and she'll get around to it sooner or later.  

We're in a drying out time, no rain in the forecast until probably Sunday.  I hope so, I'm suppose to race this Saturday, it's been awhile since our last race got rained out.  But the rain does help the fallen beans to become uneatable, so I wouldn't mind rain, just not on Saturday......!!!  



ellie k said...

What is that, a train track

Tish said...

My guess would be a trolley track outside of town, maybe with a turn around someplace. Although that doesn't explain why the horse is on the trolley. If they were changing directions, I would think they would just unhitch from one end and hitch to the other. In other words I really don't know......LOL