Sunday, August 13, 2017


They ate their breakfast like good little boys and girls, so John and I started letting them out at 4:02pm yesterday afternoon.

 This is Buddy Brat and BlackJack hoping me coming out at an odd time, might mean good things will happen.  

The minis saw BJ and Buddy get out, and started milling in anticipation

You can see how far they got when the gate opened......LOL  There's 4 little butts lined up with heads down

Just about the time we got everyone's gate open which only took about 5 minutes, the sky opened with lightening, thunder and a real frog choker of a rain storm.  Lasted about 40 minutes, off and on which if you are keeping score was eating into their hour of "out" time.  

Those white spots are rain drops that showed up in the sunshine during the deluge.

I don't know if they continued to scarf up beans during the rain, or stood with their butts to the rain as usual.  I do know when the rain finally quit at 5:10pm it was like trying to round up cats.  They were determined NOT to go into their pens and if it took running and trying to hide, so be it.  Let me just say, John Doug and I got our exercise in the mud and wet bushes.  But we did manage to get them rounded up at 5:57pm which was a miracle.  

When doing a roundup like that it is absolutely necessary to find a victim and stick with them until they figure out you aren't going to give up and the only "safe" place is the pen.  I must admit most of the time, us humans were pretty far behind the chase, but they knew we were back there and one by one gave up.  Should be a little easier today and after a few days, they should go into their pens with little effort.  At least I hope so.......LOL

They are eating their hay and mush now as usual, and as long as they do so, we'll continue to let them out for an hour.  There are beans everywhere, and the wind that came with the monsoon rain yesterday afternoon, knocked down a lot more.  We noticed this morning the beans that have been laying on the ground for a few days and have been rained on are starting to look rather unappetizing, at least by our standards.  Hopefully this means they will ignore those and only eat fresh fallen ones, which is bad enough. 

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