Tuesday, July 04, 2017


We got a call from our neighbor that relies on John for everything, from shopping to fixing any and everything that breaks, that her ride hadn't shown up to take her to a doctor's appointment.  Years ago John found out that she can call in advance and get rides to the doctor, which is a good thing for him.  It was getting close to time, so John said he'd take her and off he went.  

Not long after he left, I heard the most horrible noise, sounded like metal crashing and banging around.  Looked out and there was a Devil Duster going thru.  Went outside and Doug come flying out of his trailer, said he thought it was going to turn over.  Looked towards the pens and this is what we saw.  

This was 2 shelters for the donkeys, one was actually 2 pens away.  It flew up in the air and hit a gate on it's way out, that John had to straighten so it would close today. 
This was Gus' shade area, Doug was trying to figure out how to tighten it up.  Gus was under it when it collapsed, but it didn't take him long to get out.  I guess Cheyenne is the "sidewalk boss" for the project

Doug and I were out in the pen area trying to organize the mess and heard this funny noise, sounded like it was coming from the neighbor's but she wasn't there.  Sounded like a horn.  I hopped on the quad and went over to investigate.  Saw nothing, came back and the sound got longer and more desperate, Doug thought it sounded like it was coming from the east side of the pens.  He went down that way and started shouting there's a car in the wash. 

Yep, looks like a car..........!!!

 We went down to investigate and found the woman that was suppose to take the neighbor to her doctor's appointment.  The wash is between us and the neighbor.  She said the GPS told her to turn right, so she turned right.......!!!  She was in far enough she should have figured out she wasn't on a road..........LOL 

It doesn't show just how much gravel is over the axle, from her spinning the tires in deeper and deeper.  

We all waited a couple of hours for what we thought would be a tow truck, but instead her boss came out from Tucson with a 2 wheel drive pickup to fix the problem. 

I have to say this is NOT the best way to get a car unstuck

Needless to say there was no way a 2 wheel pickup was going to get that SUV out of there.  What's really funny is the SUV is 4 wheel drive, I don't guess either of them knew that.  Once the boss showed up, tried to pull it out and said he was calling a tow truck, Doug and I came home to do chores, since John was still in town with the neighbor. 

After John got home he was out surveying the damage and planning what he had to do today, just before dark, and saw a tow truck coming in to get the SUV.  The driver managed to get it and get out,  I bet that wasn't cheap.  If John had been here he might have been able to get it out with the Bronco, but it would have taken quite a bit of digging to clear the back wheels.

Linda sent pictures from a local parade they did Saturday.  Everybody was all decked out for Independence Day and looked great.  Don't know if there were prizes or not, but they should have won, hands down..........!!!   Well maybe I'm a little partial.........!!!   LOL

Leddy, Linda, Quilla and Steph, ready to go

Turbo and I think that is Lynn.........LOL

Always have time for visiting with new friends


It's almost like we are there too



ellie k said...

I think the donkeys will be bored when they come home from Co. They stay busy racing and parades there and I am sure lots of attention when they are out in public. They are becoming stars.

harada57 said...
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