Friday, January 15, 2016

We're all tired of the cold

This is Daisy, our matriarch.  She is our oldest jenny at about 33, and she actually is in really good health, except for having to be on Pergolide for Cushings disease.  Other than that she is usually in the A Team herd, lead by Tula.  Tula is actually the head jenny, pretty much in charge of everyone.  But Daisy and Frijolita are almost always with her. 

 Tula never asked to be head jenny and I don't think really enjoys the job, but the others look to her for where they should go and when.  Drives her crazy when it's time to go into the pens to eat, when some of them go in "HER" pen, usually it's one of the geldings.  John and her have worked out a routine, if someone follows her into the pen, when she sees John in the area, she will run out of the pen and the offending donkey follows her.  She will make a big wide circle and once John is close to the pen, she will sprint to the pen.  She knows John will close the gate before her unwelcome suitor figures out what happened.  This has been going on for years, and the other donkeys have never figured it out.  But Tula and John have.  LOL

Right now it's cool enough Daisy is probably enjoying all that hair.  This spring when it get warm I'll body clip her and Quilla who also has Cushings, even with the medication they have too much hair to be comfortable in our 100 degree summer temperatures.  

I had to build a fire this afternoon in the wood stove.  It was down to 61 degrees in the great room.  I usually don't start a fire, just because it's chilly.  John cuts the wood and I don't want to waste it, I can always put on a heavier sweat shirt.  But he came in for lunch and whined about how cold it was in the house.  So I didn't have to make the decision..............LOL

Everyone is doing good right now, I think we all enjoy the lack of health issues in the winter, I know I appreciate not having to doctor and I'm sure they like not having itches and sores not to mention irritating flies.  But it won't be that long until spring........!!!! Which reminds me, I need to order fly masks, from Renee at Colorful Equine. 


ellie k said...

We had night temps in the 40's last week but day time 60's. Nice today with lots of rain this morning and then sunny. Nice tomorrow and the mid 60's all next week. My house has seemed cold and damp so the heat gets turned up for a while in the morning and evening. I have pulled out some warmer cloths too. I hate sleeping alone on cold nights, really every night.

Tish said...

I remember being in Florida in January years ago and thought I was going to freeze. John and I left Missouri after Christmas for Ft. Walton Beach and it was colder there than in Missouri...LOL Hang in there, spring is coming..!!

ellie k said...

I am tired of the cold too, it is to be in the low 40's tonight and the rest of the week. I would sooner have rain and warm. Strawberries are on now. This weather is hard on farmers and old ladies. I will Br 71 the 23rd. Time sure goes fast as you get older.

Tish said...

Yep, I know about that "older" stuff, I'm older than you....LOL