Sunday, January 24, 2016


This time of year there isn't much to say about the donkeys.  They just do their thing out there, being donkeys.  In fact I noticed the other day some of them are getting rather independent, like if we aren't going to pay attention to them, they'll find something else to do.  Even BlackJack was ambivalent when we had some people out on a tour.  He's usually at the front of the line for soaking up attention.  It won't be that long until the warmer weather and flies, start up the "doctoring" season.  Right now everyone is doing good.  Once doctoring starts a lot of them will get much more attention than they'd like, unfortunately.  Gus and Cisco are completely off the Previcox and so far, so good. 

Yesterday was the 1st practice for the racing season.  Our first race will be the 1st week-end in February, not too far away.  

I have a bad habit of carrying my camera around and not taking pictures.  As usual, I forgot until I had already put the car back up on the trailer.  We were going to take some pictures today, when we unloaded it.......BUT........., today has been one of those days.  Mike and Tony came out to volunteer their help in building a new shelter that will run thru 3 pens.  We also had a neighbor working on an old Ford pick-up, John bought awhile back for a friend to use.  It came back and he's fixing it up to sell, but wasn't getting to it.  So one of the neighbor's offered to fix it.  John is involved in those projects, not to mention he better cut some firewood before sundown or it's going to get chilly in here tonight.  So I would imagine the car isn't getting unloaded today........!!!   LOL  

My practice went really well, once we got thru tech inspection.  We knew there was going to be a problem, because this car came from the factory with suspension that they aren't use to seeing on a Hornet.  Hornets have to be factory stock, which it is.  But, in 1995 Dodge built these little beauties specifically for road racing.  The inspectors wanted to argue, but once John said it was an ACR Dodge Neon, the race director, knew what it was, and wanted to know where we found it.  The inspectors were still grumbling, so it might not be over, but at least they let me on the track. 

We had no idea how it was going to be on the track, but I have to say I was really impressed.  John hasn't done anything to it, because we didn't know what it needed, so why mess with it.  It seems to be very well balanced and John said it looked good out there, so I don't think he's going to be changing anything. The real test will be how the tires hold up the 1st race night. 

Saddik the "sick" dog has bounced back from whatever was wrong with him.  We still haven't got the results back for his valley fever numbers.  We're hoping they are going down.  The vet thinks he might have had a pancrentitis attack.  (I know that isn't spelled right, but my spell checker doesn't care)   Or perhaps something to do with his valley fever.  Hopefully we'll find out something tomorrow.

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