Tuesday, January 05, 2016


That's probably what Penny is thinking too......!!!  She is parked by the courtyard because I had walked in the house without her getting an animal cracker.  John and Doug both carry cookies and all the donkeys know it.  Most of them make sure they are available, if you would like to give them one.  Some of them, like Penny and Justin, believe cookies are a God given right and believe any and everyone has a unending supply.  Unfortunately for them I don't carry cookies and I had just escaped into the house from her insistence that if she "bird dogged" me enough I would give her one. I didn't, much to her disgust.  She actually gets more cookies than the others.  We figure she probably hasn't had a lot of goodies in her former life, BUT, I refuse to be looked at as a PEZ dispenser.  You should see the look of panic Doug and John get on their faces when they run out of cookies, surrounded by donkeys, a long way from the feed room.........LOL

Got about 1/2 inch of rain yesterday and according to the weatherman, this whole week is going to be rainy, off and on.  So far today it is nice and sunny, and they aren't always right.  But I would imagine they will at least be partially right, and I'm sure if and when we get more rain it will be at feeding time......just seems to work out that way usually. 

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