Saturday, January 09, 2016


Well not much snow, but we did get a dusting in amongst our rainy start of the New Year.  I keep saying it's worth it for all the pretty spring flowers we'll have, I hope they don't disappoint me.  Other than that, I think we're all tired of rain and dreary.  The poor donkeys haven't had a chance to dry out for days.  They aren't real wet, but they stay damp.  Rain also highlights areas in the pens that need fill gravel brought in.  I wish there was some way to raised the level of all the pens about 6-8 inches, and roll the gravel, so they wouldn't develop low spots, so much.  Where we drive the golf cart thru pulling the hay cart, is nice and firm, but on both sides of that path, if pretty soft. 

Looks like John and I will be going over to Dos Cabezas tomorrow to evaluate a jenny that's been limping a couple of weeks.  I guess the neighbors moved and left the donkeys with these people.  They've had them a couple of months and can give them carrots, but can't work with them at all.  They are in a large pasture area, which means, she can't be caught...........SIGH...!!  My guess is an abscess, but that's all it is, a guess.  So we'll go down and try to see if we can figure it out.  Hope we don't need binoculars to see her..............LOL   I haven't got a chance to talk to John, he's in Tucson today working on race cars, but we might take enough corral panels to make a small pen and show them how to use it.  Who knows if we got her in a little pen, she might be more cooperative.  If they haven't pushed cooperation, she probably doesn't see any need to be around them, except to get the carrot.  Donkeys figure that out real quick.........LOL

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