Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Yesterday morning chores were going smoothly, donkeys went in their pens and the dogs were running around doing dog stuff.  I got done with my part of the chores, came in the house and about 10 minutes later John comes in and says Saddik is sick.  Went out and Doug was with him in the driveway as he was throwing up for about the 4th time.  He was sitting with his eyes closed and trembling.  Talk about a quick turn.  

We watched him for a few minutes and other than throwing up some more, nothing changed.  Came in called the local vet, who wasn't there for the day, so went to my backup in Tucson, Adobe Vet Center.  They said bring  him in, which although he wasn't feeling well, thrilled him to no end.  He loves to ride in the van.  

The day before I caught him playing with a doll, he found somewhere.  We have no kids in our area that I know of and it looked rather bedraggled like it had been out for awhile.  Although when I saw him, he was shaking it and doing his best to destroy it.  It's arms and legs were held on by wires and there was also staples here and there.  My first thought  was he might have wire or staples in his gut.

Got there, did x-rays, blood work, IV because he was dehydrated from vomiting and he got a shot for nausea.  No foreign objects thank goodness, but when the radiologist read the x-rays he noticed nodules in Saddik's lungs.  He's on treatment for valley fever and that's probably what they are, but don't know if they are active or leftover from before.  I asked her to also check his titer to see if his valley fever numbers are going down.  They've been holding steady for a long time.  The vet said she actually would give a higher dosage of Fluconazole than he has been getting.  When that info comes back she'll call me and probably raise his dosage.

This morning he is bouncing around like a maniac, so I assume he is feeling better, thankfully.  I hate it when my animals don't feel good.  Good news is, all the donkeys are doing well and in fact I'm weaning Cisco and Gus off Previcox.  They are both down to half of what they had to be getting and after a few days, I'll cut it again.  Previcox, to me is a weird medication.  It's a dog and cat medication, and is used a lot for equine although it's never been approved for equine.  But if it is used for equine their dosage is less than used for dogs and cats.  Go figure........!!!!  So far they are both doing good.


ellie k said...

So glad he is feeling better, dogs seem to play with or eat anything that catches there eye.

Tish said...

Yes, he seems to be feeling just fine. We haven't gotten the test results for valley fever back yet, but unless his numbers are getting lower, we'll probably up his meds for awhile.