Sunday, November 15, 2015


Well not exactly rainy, mostly misty and dreary.  I know it's late fall and we should expect "weather", but in the desert we get crabby if the sun doesn't shine.  

But, I didn't have to doctor anyone this morning, so that's good news.  I just wish all the bare legs would grow back hair.  Unfortunately when they have raw, sores year after year, eventually the hair follicles give up the fight, and no more hair grows on their legs.  Quilla is the worst, he had no care on his legs for about 9 years.  So I would imagine every summer they just got worse and worse.

Some of the others have scarring, hopefully we will be able to keep them from getting any worse.  All in all everyone is doing good right now, although they do seem to think we are being rather stingy with the hay.  John is still cutting them short, as long as they don't try to eat the shelters..........well except for Rosie, she eats shelters or anything else wood, just because........!!!

We've had a little visitor in the well house area for a few days.  A few nights ago, John was checking on the water tank by the well house and noticed a rattlesnake curled up between the tank and the well house.  Didn't think much about it, but when he went in the insulated box on the other side of the well house later, he got nudged when the snake tried to move away from him.  Said it was a scary experience.   Ha!  I'm sure it was.

Over the years we've had mice in the well house and I would imagine he is catching mice before going into semi-hibernation for the winter.  We've seen him, in the well house, stretched out, warming up, in the box and beside the tank.  It's driving Doug crazy, he's the type that says, the only good snake is a dead snake, so the idea of not killing it, is rather foreign to him.  He's really keeping his eyes open when outside though.....!!!  So is John........!!!   HA!

Haven't said much about racing since my car got wrecked.  We had a replacement car the next week, so John has been busy working on it.  It has actually been a road racing car, so it has a roll cage already in it and other racing parts.  But it still takes time to get it ready for the 1st race Feb 5th.

There is still talk bout the dirt track "maybe" having a local race schedule next year.  I couldn't race this car on dirt, so we are looking for another Kia, since we have 2 good motors for a Kia and also the roll cage in the wrecked one, could be taken out and put in a new car.  They aren't that easy to find, at least cheap ones.  We need to find one that has a bad motor, the people just want to get rid of. 

If the track does race, they will race on the week-ends the asphalt track doesn't, in other words every other week.  John seems to think I will need to race at both tracks, so I'd be racing EVERY week.  And John would be crew chief and fixing boo boos.  I don't know why I have to keep racing at the asphalt track, if I have a dirt track to race on.  I'm not sure such a schedule wouldn't kill both of us.....!!  It takes us until Wed to recuperate from racing on Sat. night as it is. 

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