Friday, October 30, 2015


This is the view this morning, out my kitchen door, doesn't exactly look like the sunny southwest, does it?  LOL  This isn't really expected this time of year.  According to the experts, the monsoon was over the 15th of September.  So I guess this is an early winter rain, which usually hits between Christmas and New Year.  

I know one thing it isn't appreciated by the donkeys.  I have never been able to figure out why a highly intelligent animal such as a donkey will leave a perfectly good shelter to stand out in the rain and look absolutely miserable.  A few of them, prefer to be in the shelter, BUT, if the gate is opened, they will go out like it is a requirement for them to do so. 

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ellie k said...

At least they have shelter if they want. My dad loved rain and when it started he would be out piddling around and get soaked. My mom used to say to him you sit right there with the sun shining and let it rain and you are outside. I do love rain too but here in Florida with all the sand rain does not soak in very well.