Thursday, October 08, 2015

HE'S NO LAP DOG.......!!!

We've tried to explain this fact of life to Saddik, but so far he doesn't seem to understand the problem.  He really is a nice young dog, whoever dumped him, probably did him a favor, they obviously didn't appreciate him.  He's still taking medication for Valley Fever, the last blood test still had high numbers.  He'll be tested about every 3 months, hopefully next time the numbers will be lower.  

It was 44 degrees here this morning, John is finally giving up on his shorts in the morning.  He puts them on later, but for morning chores he's putting on his usual winter wear AKA sweats.  

Yesterday we had to go to town for the day.  Doug was going to let them into Burroland about 1pm, so they could gorge themselves on whatever there is to eat over there.  He said he went out about 1 and was surprised to not see any donkeys standing by the gate.  Usually they just stand there waiting for someone to fix the problem.  When he got over the wash he saw why no one was waiting.  Somehow they had gotten the gate off the back hinges, enough to give them room to squeeze thru and not need to wait for one of the stupid people to do their job.........!!!  LOL  My first thought was Frijolita, she is our little gate manipulator. 

I guess they were having a good time over here, because when it was time for afternoon round-up, it didn't go smoothly.  In fact Cisco never did come in.  After everyone was fed and he still hadn't showed up, I asked John if he had seen him.  John said he had seen him 2 or 3 times, happily munching away on stuff, so we didn't have to worry about him being down somewhere.  Usually whoever doesn't come in during the round-up will come waltzing in  before we're thru feeding.  After it got dark, John went out to see if possibly Cisco had come across and went in his pen.  No he hadn't but when John was coming back to the house, he saw him coming across the wash.  I'd loved to be able to channel their minds to see what goes on in there.......!!!!  

This morning after chores here comes a County truck thru the gate, hmmmm....... I'd just as soon they stay in their office and play video games, rather than be out trying to justify their jobs.  John was in the hay barn weighing hay and that's where the truck went.  When he left I went out to see what was going on.  John said the permit we got for the hay barn was still open in their files..........REALLY.....???  That was in 2006, guess they ran out of video games.  Or some big boss came thru and saw the back log.  

The BLM does the same thing on their mustang/burro adoptions.  We got a jenny from a family, they had for 4 or 5 years.  We adopted her to a retired vet in California and a couple of years later the BLM got in touch with the original owner saying they wanted to see the donkey to make sure she was being taken care of properly.  ?????????  Where was all that interest and concern, for all those years?  So we had a flurry of phone calls and paperwork going around and around, so their files would look tidy.  They wanted a vet to verify the burro was taken care of, no problem the retired vet's sister is also a vet.  

Now if the BLM spent as much time and effort with the 50,000 mustangs and burros they have in holding pens, with no shade and no room to move around.  Or if they had as much concern for the mustangs and burros that are killed and injured during the round-ups they insist are necessary.  Better quit before I really get mad..........!!!!  


Chelra said...

I love your lapdog 😎! Your picture is sweet! Sorry to hear about all the nonsense with the BLM. Just goes to show ya no office is amune to today's standards. Crazy!

Tish said...

Yes, but he weighs about 70 pounds now and thinks nothing of jumping in your lap......LOL