Thursday, October 15, 2015

HEH..........HEH.............HEH........!! CADDYSHACK TIME........!!!

John and Doug have been having lots of fun lately.  The donkeys of course resent having their time over in Burroland, curtailed and I've mentioned this a little bit.  The minis have figured out how to go under the floating fence over the big wash and go do their thing in the forbidden forest..........LOL

John has fixed it, Doug has fixed it, they both have fixed it and every morning some or all are over there.  It's somewhat like the old movie CaddyShack, when they destroyed a golf course to kill a gopher and the end of the movie was the gopher looking over the top of his burrow, chattering as I recall.  It's been decades since I saw it, so can't be sure of all the details.  But that is what this battle of wills is turning into.  At least the big donkeys haven't figured it out yet.....!! This morning the tractor was involved.  I haven't been out to see what they did, but I'm sure it will be effective.............MAYBE.........LOL

Last night when John came in from letting everyone out, he was sporting a mangled finger.  It seems when he gave Rosie her animal cracker, she got his finger by mistake and held on.  When he screamed (If you've never had an equine clamp down on a finger, you don't know what you're missing)  it scared her and she tried to run..........with half his finger clamped in her teeth.  John said he was running with her, hoping she wouldn't bite down more.  Thanks goodness they were still in the pen, so she couldn't go far.  She has always had to be watched, she opens her mouth wide and will lunge for a treat, if you don't tell her "easy" and get her attention.  If you just stick it in front of her mouth all bets are off and you are on your own, as John found out.  The finger isn't broken, although it is still swollen and  missing some of the skin.  Education can sometimes be painful, I'm afraid...........LOL

We are going to be race car poor, before this racing season is over.  After last Saturday's destruction, it's been pretty much a lot of people concentrating on getting me another car for next year.  I went in on Craigslist being nosy and found a car up in Phoenix.  It's just a street car that had been backed into, had very little damage to a door and door post, but the insurance company totaled it.  Peppy little car, with a little more horsepower and a good price, so we brought it home.  Told our son what we got and let's just say he wasn't overly impressed.  He wants to REALLY upgrade since we have to start all over anyway.  So I told him to find a good one at a "cheap" price.  Low and behold a friend of his ran across an ad for an actual already race car..............up in Phoenix, of course.  So John and I are heading back up to Phoenix tomorrow to see if it's as advertised.  If so, guess we'll bring it home too, why not........the more the merrier..........!!!  We could probably sell the 1st one to another racer, it would make a good race car, but we also might just keep it, in case we need it in the future.  That old, bird in the hand is worth two in the bush thing.  It's not always easy to find a replacement race car, especially if you would like to have it in a hurry, so having a project sitting around, is a good idea. 


ellie k said...

Sorry about Johns finger but I imagine it was a lesson he will remember. We had a horse that was never a biter and a little girl was pulling grass and feeding her and she bit her in the stomach. Left some pretty good teeth marks and later a blur and green stomach. We think the girl probably had grass on her shirt. That girl is now a grown lady with horses of her own. A few years back one of them threw her off and stomped on her head and face before someone could get her away from it. She spent months in the hospital and her appearance was changed a lot from all the surgery she had to have. She still rides every day and loves her horses.

Tish said...

Oh I’m sure he’ll remember it........!!! LOL I bet you’re right about the grass on the little girl’s shirt. I’m glad she stuck with horses thru all the tribulations. That’s really unusual that a horse would stomp on her. Horses usually will do just about anything to not step on a person. We have a little girl in our area that got hurt at a show about 1 1/2 years ago. She is still in treatment and I doubt that she will ever be the same unfortunately. Her mom says she wants to ride again, so hopefully she’ll be able to.

ellie k said...

Yes it is unusual for a horse to stomp someone. My dad always said he would sooner a horse step on his foot then a cow. A horse will move and a cow turns around to see what she is standing on. He worked with many of both in his time so knew them pretty well.

Tish said...

Donkeys won't step on you on purpose, BUT, they also probably won't move as quick as a horse would. And if you push into them they will usually push back, unless you push hard enough to unbalance them. It's much easier to not let them step on your foot........LOL