Monday, October 22, 2007

Yesterday at Donkey Dinner time, John was rounding everyone up & heard someone moving quickly in the wash. Turned around & it was Jenny, walking fast. He was quite excited considering it hasn't been that long since she had her back legs up under her to keep weight off her front legs as much as she could. I wish I had seen it, hopefully it wasn't just a fluke & she will continue to improve.

I worked with Miss Tula this morning. I've found out if I don't work with her on a regular basis, she reverts to being wild & stand offish. Molly mule was in her pen next door & had a fit, because she wasn't getting to play. So after I finished with Tula, I let Molly out of her pen, asked her to walk next to me, which she did. Asked her to stop, she did & thought I'd try having her back up. She also did that. I don't know how much Anita worked with her, I wouldn't think very much. She was either sick, or recuperating almost the whole time Anita had her. I've never been around a young mule before, but she seems to be smart as a whip, & catch on to new things very quick. I hope we can find a good home for her.

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