Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Katie is teaching her granddaughter how to trim at a young age..!!! Actually once the baby had a bottle she slept thru what we were doing.

Sugar was fascinated, when the baby made a noise. She tried to get in Katie's truck to see what "it" was. Finally had to run her off.

Jenny's feet are still improving, although it's going to be a long time before they look "normal", if ever. She is still walking good, so Katie was pretty conservative in her trim. Lucy, Pepper & Mirage also got pedicures..............!!!! The others are real good about keeping their feet worn off. Some of them haven't been touched in years.

We barnstormed ideas on how to trim Chester's feet. He can't stand on his bad shoulder at all. Our best idea is to get a large animal sling to put him in, to trim his feet. They also make a tilt table you can strap them on, but they are quite expensive. Katie said we might try cutting grooves in the long part of his feet, to encourage them to break off on their own. We will probably try cutting the grooves, if we can get him to stand still for such an insult. He seems to have definite ideas on how he should be treated. But eventually I'm sure we'll have to try a sling.

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