Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Now that the weather has cooled off, we can expect more tours. The last couple of days Alan Kruse has brought 2 different groups out from Tucson. The donkeys really enjoy tours, we give the people cups of timothy pellets, & it doesn't take even the new ones long to catch on. Molly Mule was absolutely silly today, pawing & running back & forth on the fence. I told the people that's the reason we have them in pens when people come out. Molly would have been a real brat if she had access to all the people at the same time. We use to let them out when people were here, but decided someone might get hurt. Most of the people have never been that close to a large animal, & wouldn't know how to read the body language. Besides if the animals had unfettered access to the cups, I can imagine what would happen. Let's just say, possession of the cups would probably move from people to donkeys.........!!

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