Tuesday, October 02, 2007

CHESTER'S HAVING FUN...........!!!!

In this picture he is phleming, or flehmen, depending on how you want to spell it. In the background is Mirage on one side of the bunk & Molly the mule on the other. She's brown & rather hard to see.

He's getting along with everyone, roaming around doing his own thing & seems to really be enjoying getting out. Yesterday he was laying in the wash sunbathing, like BlackJack does. He must feel safe to lay out on his side like that.

So far we are only letting him out during the day. Again, last night he let John know he wasn't interested in going back in his pen, at feeding time. I think they made about 4 laps around the pens before Chester finally gave up & went in gracefully. I'd like to make sure his leg is doing OK before we let him out all the time. If he gets along OK, & so far I see no problems, he will probably end up eating out with Buster, Lucy, Belle, Shiloh & Sugar. There's no reason for him to be in a pen to eat, unless he needs downtime to rest his leg.

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