Friday, October 26, 2007


Doesn't seem to be much going on around here right now. Everyone is fairly healthy, the only one I'm doctoring every day is Jenny. Chester had to stay in all day yesterday, we left for Tucson before he got thru eating. This morning he was 3 legged lame. So being able to move around is going to be very important to his comfort level. I've been trying him on different herbs to see if one helps more than another. So far nothing seems to work very well. But we'll keep trying. He moves pretty good once he takes a few steps & is willing to move around, so I don't think he is in pain, so much as the nerve damage & muscle atrophy causes, use of that leg to be awkward. It's sad to see such a beautiful sweet natured animal, crippled for life because he wasn't taken care of when his shoulder was originally broken.

This morning when I let everyone out, he went thru Sha'ba's pen before Sha'ba got out. The next thing I know they are standing almost side by side eating Sha'ba's leftover hay. I don't think Sha'ba has ever allowed another donkey to get that close without him taking off. He must realize Chester isn't a threat to him.

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