Thursday, September 05, 2019


The weather people insist on a daily basis, that there will be rain.  Actually areas around us have been getting some rain, but not us.  Next week they are forecasting 40% chance of rain 4 days in a row.  Hmmmm.........we'll see.  

My car did pretty good Saturday night, I ran 2 main events and finished 4th in both of them.  Brought the car home in one piece, which always makes John happy. 

This picture was taken just before what could have been a big mess. 

 Jennifer was passing me, our front fenders touched.

 She started across in front of me, I hit the brakes, she got straightened out and on around the track we went.  I've raced with her since she was about 12 or 13 years old and she's got a lot of hours working out of situations like that.  Good thing, I've already totaled another car of hers this year.  Not my fault, but I'm glad she knew the right thing to do.

Cisco got another bath yesterday for his flaky skin.  The 1st bath seemed to help with the flakes, especially on his back and topline.  But there's areas on his neck, that I'm probably not soaking as good, that are still flaky.  Let's face it, backs are much easier to soak than necks.  No hanging shreds of flaky skin this morning, so I guess it's getting better.  

I don't think getting a bath is Cisco's favorite thing, although as hot as it is these days, I would think it would feel good.  I know I don't mind getting wet, when I bath him. 

I did make an observation, when I was leading him from his pen to where I bath him.  There's some big mesquite trees along the way and when I walked him under them the first time, I almost had to drag him.  His head went down and he started scarfing up beans.  That's only been a few days ago, but this time, he smelled them and only picked up 3 or 4 before I got him to leave them.

My theory is they are starting to not be good to eat because of the sun and what little rain and humidity we've had.  I would imagine the few he ate might have been some that had fallen off the trees in the last couple of days, and hadn't had time to start deteriorating.  Cisco isn't a real good study food isn't life and death to him, like it is to Mariah, Rosie, Jasper and a few of the others.

So, as I said earlier we're suppose to have a good chance of rain early next week.  If we get some rain, and a few more days for the beans to hopefully get less appetizing, we will take the 3 "piggies" mentioned above out on leads and see how they react to the beans on the ground.

If they can take them or leave them, rather than put their heads down and try to vacuum every bean they see, maybe we could start letting everyone out for an hour or so, before evening feeding.   The lack of exercise is starting to be noticeable for Gigi and Bella especially.  Gigi has probably been crippled since birth and has to wear a special shoe.  She does pretty good when she's out and getting exercise.

Bella is taking steroid shots, because she has a hard time getting up after she's laid down, she sits up like a dog and heaves herself up, sometimes it takes her 2 or 3 heaves before she makes it.  Without the shots she lays down a lot and doesn't go far from the pen area.  With the shot, she gets perky and moves all over the place.  Unfortunately the particular steroid she is getting is really hard on the liver, so she is also getting milk thistle everyday to hopefully counteract some of the possible liver damage.

Unfortunately most medicines we use have side effects and it's amazing how cavalier doctors are about handing out prescriptions.  John takes quite a few prescriptions  and recently he was having problems with low blood pressure.  A friend told us to check, a website where you can list all your medications and it will tell you which ones get along with each other and which ones don't.  Boy that was an eye opener, he was taking 3 different meds for high blood pressure, which he doesn't have.  But the meds are for his heart.  I seriously doubt that his body looks at his meds and thinks, this isn't really for high blood pressure.  He checked with his heart doctor and they cut down on those meds and he's feeling much better.  If you are taking more than one prescription drug, go into that web-site and see if your meds are compatible. 

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