Sunday, September 08, 2019

WE ARE SWIMMING IN BEANS.................

Well, that might be a little bit over the top, but we sure have a bunch of them.  Under the trees is like a blanket of beans.  And forget my grand idea of taking the fatties out if and when the forecasted rain turn the beans black and inedible.

Yesterday Suzanne took Mariah, out on a walk.  Suzanne said Mariah came out of her pen, her head went down and Suzanne almost couldn't get her back in the pen.  She was determined to eat those beans.  SIGH!  If she was being a pig, I'm pretty sure Jasper, Rosie and Bella would be the same.  Of course if we don't get the promised rain, it doesn't matter anyway.   I guess Cisco is just more picky about what he eats.  

We did get a quarter inch of rain yesterday afternoon, but the beans need to stay wet for an extended amount of time and 1/4 inch won't do it, unfortunately the sun came out immediately after the rain and dried everything up.  

Mindy is coming out with a friend today to visit the donkeys.  She's been coming to see the donkeys a few times each year the last 3 or 4 years.  She's got donkey fever...........LOL  She's also going to be volunteering in Superior for the 1st Burro Cross, October 12th.  This race has really seemed to catch the imagination of people, it sounds like it is going to be a big success.  If it is, I would imagine other small mining towns will want to join in the fun, in the future.  Colorado has 8 races a year and I'm sure Arizona can come up with that many.

Yesterday Lynn and Linda and some of our donkeys raced in Victor, CO.  

                                                               Victor, Colorado 6 SEPT 2019 

This is a nice video on the race.  At the start Buttercup the little mini that won the triple crown last month started out in front.  Later on there is video of her along the trail and then coming into the finish first.  Linda said she broke a record but didn't say what for.  Probably quickest finish in history, her little feet sure keep moving.

UPDATE:  Linda saw my blog message and gave us the rest of the story.  Little bitty Buttercup finished the race at Victor about 5 minutes faster than the old record, which was probably set by a standard donkey.  

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