Wednesday, October 04, 2017


Monday night Penny ate her supper good, but when John went out at bedtime to let everyone out, she was just standing and not interested in chasing John down for animal crackers.  Tuesday morning she was about the same and not interested in eating her breakfast.  

I love having Dr. Jeremy just a phone call away, for so many years we had to share our farm calls with a small animal clinic, which means if we had a sick animal, depending on how many clinic appointments were in the waiting room, our emergency might not get seen for hours.

If it was one of other donkeys I probably would have given her a shot of banamine and watched her for awhile.  But she had colic surgery 2 summers ago and I don't want to take a chance.  Called him and he came out, on his way from one appointment to another.  Penny is not a fan of vets, or farriers, she knows the sound of all of their trucks, so John put a halter on her before Dr. Jeremy got here.  And right now our stocks are off the property having some remodeling welding done.  They are much better than squeezing donkeys between 2 corral panels, but they needed some changes to make them really effective.  I called the company that built it 2 or 3 times, but I guess once out the door they aren't that interested in remodeling.  One of our neighbor's is a pretty good welder and said he'd fix it.  

So we had to squeeze her with corral panels.  She doesn't like that either.  Actually she doesn't like much of anything except animal crackers, the more the better.........LOL  Dr. Jeremy had to give her a happy shot before he could even exam her.  Then the "hated" tube up the nose and down to the stomach routine.  She actually wasn't as bad as she could have been without the shot.  He didn't find anything and her stomach was empty.  He put some mineral oil into her stomach, gave her a couple of shots and said watch her.  By afternoon, she had eaten a little of her breakfast mush and was tired of being penned up when everyone else was out and about.  

She was ready for her supper mush and we had planned on leaving her in her pen overnight, to watch for poo and to see how much water she would drink.  John went out at bedtime to let everyone but her out, came back in and said she was having a tantrum.  Since she had eaten, drank some water and pooed we decided that she'd probably be better off out than in and having a fit.  She seems back to normal this morning........WHEW.......!!!  I would imagine she probably had some gas colic, although it usually doesn't last hours and hours.  

We were going to leave the donkeys on the 10 acres today.  John's cousins Don and Carol from Fairbanks, Alaska are going to be in Benson overnight tonight and we're suppose to meet them for supper.  Since the donkeys don't see any reason to come in for supper, we figured it would be easier to round them up if they didn't go to Burroland.  Unfortunately the gate to Burroland got left open this morning.  We came home from town and there wasn't a donkey in sight.........So we'll have to do an early round up, still don't know what time we are suppose to meet for supper.  

Quite a difference in size huh?    The little one is really little.........!!!

The reason we were went to town was to deliver my race car to the guy with the frame jig to hopefully get it straightened enough that I can race it the 14th of Oct.  He seemed to think he can fix it, so we'll see. 

This picture was either taken a the start of the race, when I started beside the car that is in 1st place.  Or later on in the race when he lapped me...........LOL  It's a real nice dirt car, but not that great on asphalt.  Unfortunately we relied on the dirt track opening up again, as they said it would, and it looks like that isn't going to happen.  Just because people think they can do something, doesn't mean they can, so John basically wasted his time building the 2 dirt cars.  There isn't any other tracks within 300 miles that races the Hornets.  Maybe sometime in the future the dirt track will get some good leadership, but not any time soon. 

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