Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I am hoping  Dave got in touch with A.E.R.O in Phoenix and is getting help with the little guy.  I wish I had his phone number, but I neglected to get it and don't have caller ID.  He seemed to be highly motivated to help the baby, so I am hoping he has found help locally.

We've had a slight bump in the road of life this week.  John and I found another Neon coupe that had been wrecked, but has a lot of good stuff on it.  We brought it home and John was messing with it, and the hood fell on his left hand.  A trip to the ER, a few stitches and he seems to be accepting his fate graciously.  Still working on cars and has even messed with that one again.  Over the years I have learned to not be around when John does things like this, he focuses on what he is trying to accomplish and doesn't bother to look the situation over and see what might happen if it doesn't go well.  I should have been forewarned, when he buried a treble fishing lure in my ear on our honeymoon.........!!!  LOL

We got the race car back and he was going to work on it the day he hurt his hand.  So he called our friend Larry to come help him.  They got it all together, I drove it around the driveway a couple of times and it felt OK.  Started to go out the gate to the road, and it made that horrible racket again.  John knew by now what it was, so they had to replace part of the differential.  Tried it again and it seems to be good, and the car tracks straight, so I will be racing it Saturday night.  We have 2 twenty lap main events, hope it lasts thru both of them.  That's the last race for this season, until probably February.  John hasn't decided if I'm going to race this year's car again next year........or if he's going to build one of the others.  If I do race this one, he wants to freshen the motor, although it seems to be running just fine, just wish it had a little more power, so I could beat the guys........LOL

Heard from Linda and she sent pictures......!!  They have snow on the ground in Colorado and it's kind of staying there.   My thermometer on the back porch says 93* right now....!!!  They plan on leaving around the 1st of November to head for Arizona and from what she says they have a lot planned between now and then.

Here is Leddy, Turbo, and Boaz, not sure where Leo and Quilla are.  I would imagine they are putting on heavy winter coats, which they will probably not need once they get down here. 


Linda and Quilla in the snow

Lynn is worried that the donkeys aren't getting enough to eat with this pasture.  They are feeding hay too, and can't understand why the donkeys prefer this old dried up weeds to hay.  Because this is their natural browse.  I have never seen Boaz's leg bracelets this prominent.

Linda says this is normal........!!!   LOL  Doesn't look very comfortable for her, although Saddik and Lennon look happy....!!!  LOL

The donkeys are up to 4-5 hours a day going into Burroland.  There isn't much left over there for them to eat, at least that we can see.  But they REALLY like going over there, so they must be finding something.  We are still having to go round them up, although it's getting easier every day.  John has to go find them, but once they start moving they come to the gate and go thru without deviating.  I've been standing by the gate to make sure and Doug puts them in the pens.  Well except for Smoky Joe.  He comes thru the gate just fine, but when it's time to go into his pen, it's a battle of wills, we usually make at least 2 trips around the pen area, before he gives up.....!!!

John said we probably can go ahead and let them into Burroland after breakfast starting next week.  Three of them have put on so much weight it will take all winter to get it off probably.  John has cut their hay to almost nothing and it certainly hasn't help them lose any weight and what's really bad is they don't seem to care that they are on short rations........!!!  LOL

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