Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Especially at night, I've been threatening to put flannel sheets on the bed....!!  I really hate to jump into a cold bed, even if it heats up pretty quick.  Never liked jumping in a swimming pool either.  LOL 

The days are absolutely gorgeous, the type of weather people come to Arizona to enjoy.  The hummingbirds and nectar bats have left.  John is still putting out sugar water for the bees.  There aren't many flowers out there for bees this time of year and they literally cover the feeder all day long.  

People coming out to see the donkeys has picked up the last week or so.  During the summer we don't have many people come out, which works out well.  The donkeys usually eat their breakfast and find a shade tree to stand under until it's time for evening feeding.  Once the winter visitors aka Snowbirds or as John calls them with their huge RVs "the Mammoth migration", we usually have a steady stream of people wanting to see the donkeys.  A lot of them come back year after year and remember their favorite donkeys.  

Had an interesting group come out yesterday to see the donkeys.  There was a conference in Tucson last week-end of people from all over the world, sharing information on equine Cushings.  I think just about everyone I know locally went.............except me........!!  My dear friend Patti set up a day of entertainment for anyone that wanted to go, to come out and visit the donkeys and go to Tombstone to look around.  There were a couple of farriers, both Germany and Australia were represented and I think they enjoyed meeting the donkeys.  They were very interested in how Gus's banana shoes are working and of course since most of our donkeys have health issues there was a lot to talk about the different issues they have.  John let the donkeys out of their pens as we went on to the next one, so we ended up with quite an entourage showing them around.  Well, except for the die hards, that immediately headed for the gate into Burroland and again Gus was at the front of the line.......... He is really walking good.

John explaining his hay feeding routine

They really liked the stock and the idea that it is adjustable for different size animals

Coquette making sure no one has treats, she was quite determined that someone must have something.  Of course she loves to be petted too, so it wasn't a total loss for her to stay with the "tour" 

Sunday we took Casper to his new home.  

This is his new friend on the right, a really nice tri-colored intact jack.  They really seemed to like each other, which leads me to really believe that Casper is a hinny rather than a mule, with a donkey mother.

This little wild man is across the alley between the pens.  He ran and bucked and kicked, really a high energy little guy

These 2 are directly to the left of Casper, the black one stuck his nose thru the fence and Casper bit him.  Casper did seem a little more accepting of horses than he was when we got him.  At least he wasn't challenging with his mouth wide open and screaming at the top of his lungs..........!!!   LOL  But he still seemed to prefer the donkey.

Bryan is primarily interested in training Casper to pull a little cart.  He knows that if it doesn't work out we will take him back, no problem.  So I'll keep in touch to see how he is doing.  Bryan has probably 10-12 horses, minis and full size, so not sure how much one on one time Casper will get. 

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