Friday, August 11, 2017


It rained yesterday afternoon during roundup for evening feeding, which always adds to the fun.  Of course when it's raining the donkeys don't like to move, they just hunker down and wait for it to quit.  It took John and Doug about an hour to finally get everyone in their pens.  The wind had blown down a lot of beans, so most of them weren't the least bit interested in our offering of hay and mush.  

When John went out at 9:30 last night to give them a treat and explain to them, they would be staying in their pens overnight, it went pretty well, until he headed for the house and they were still in their pens.  Some of them, Rosie for one let him know that this wasn't acceptable behavior and yelled for quite sometime with others chiming in.

I was actually surprised there wasn't much braying overnight, at least not enough to keep us awake.  This morning we figured they would have eaten their hay, but quite a few of them obviously are holding out for the good stuff.  

After chores this morning John and I took the golf cart around on the trail Lynn made this spring to see just how bad the beans are.  They are pretty bad, John said we need 150 volunteers with rakes to make a difference..........  So what to do?  

I guess they will stay in their pens until they start eating hay and mush like they should, so they won't be going out today at all.  My plan is once they start eating proper food, they will get out one hour a day right before evening chores.  At least we'll try it.  I would imagine it will take 2 hours to round them up, since one hour of freedom to eat beans probably won't be enough by their standards.  

This isn't even addressing the issue of Burroland and the vast amount of mesquite trees over there.  The cows are going in there but I think we'd need about 150 cows to go with those 150 volunteers to make a difference..........LOL  Unfortunately when we look up into the trees, a lot of them are still loaded with beans. 


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

You probably didn't hear them braying because you sleep on the opposite side of the house from their pens, you were wearing earplugs and left the TV on full blast 😃
Be nice if you could rustle up more cows...

Tish said...

Could be....... We just let them out for hopefully an hour. Had a bit of good luck, just as we let the last one out, it started raining, a real gully washer. Course if it doesn't quit raining by 5pm, we're going to look like drowned rats trying to get them in their pens. Won't have to take a shower tonight I guess.....LOL