Thursday, July 13, 2017


I am leaving in the morning, headed back to Missouri for my Aunt Toby's funeral.  She was always smiling and I have lots of good memories of her when I was growing up.  She actually was my stepfather's sister, one of five sisters and one brother.  I became part of the family before I was 3 years old and I was just one of the grandkids, of which there were many, never a "step".  She was almost 91 years old and I always went to visit with her, when I went back for a funeral or school reunion.  The last time was 3 years ago, when I took Mother back to Missouri and for the 1st time it took her quite sometime to remember who I was.  Still  had that pretty smile on her face though.  

I don't like leaving John in charge, he always does just fine, BUT, he doesn't like it when something goes wrong or needs doctoring and we hadn't talked about it.  I always call every night to catch up on how the day went, so it's not like I have abandoned him completely........!!!  He's going back to Indiana in September to a family reunion in Indiana, so I'll have to weigh hay and run hay thru the leaf shredder, which I haven't done in a LONG time.  I think he handles it much better than I do, he always says I'm the CEO, BUT he's the one that makes the whole system work. 

But this morning Gigi came in limping badly.  Unfortunately it's her good front leg, so she's dealing with a crippled right foot with a shoe on it, and the left foot that is probably dealing with an abscess.  The weather we've had lately makes an abscess my first WAG (Wild Assed Guess).  She actually let John pick up her foot to clean it in case it was a rock and he felt for heat.  Then he checked the leg from shoulder to hoof, poking and twisting, with no reaction.  So she's been gimping around slowly all day.  

I told John if she isn't better tomorrow, to call Dr. Jeremy and see if he can come out.  He is a wizard on lameness, so hopefully if it is an abscess he can find it.  

If he comes out while he's here he can also look at Cisco's ears.  Every year he gets a nasty smelly icky something in his ear.  In the past vets have treated it and it goes away until next summer.  It's probably ostitis and I've actually treated it for quite awhile with Animax aka Panalog, which is what the vets always prescribed.  Ran out a couple of year ago and used an OTC stuff that worked well.  Unfortunately it's no longer manufactured, so I'm back to using something that will require a script.

We're actually getting some rain, don't know how much so far, but it's enough to make some of the washes run.  The big one across our property is still dry, but if it rains heavy SE of us, it will become a raging river, for a couple of hours.  It's fun to watch, but unfortunately it sometimes takes out the perimeter fences and sometimes the one between the 10 acres and Burroland, which has to be fixed immediately, sometimes with a flashlight, before the donkeys decide to go on a walk a bout...!!!  LOL

Poor little Casper isn't happy in his "prison" of field fence at the neighbor's.  I talked to Lara today and she said he finally will take a cookie from Vic, but still won't take one from her.  I guess he's still checking the fence to see if there is a weak spot.  I seriously doubt it, the original owner was one of those people that overbuilds everything, he had been in construction and it showed in the way he built everything on the property.

I've put out the word to Arizona rescues to try to find a mini molly mule or mini mare, but haven't had any offers.  We might be on the trail of a couple of standard jennies that if we do get them, we will put them over with Casper, to see if it helps to make him less of a wanderer.

Till next week........!!!


ellie k said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt, sounds like she had a good life and gave you many good memories.

Unknown said...

Thank you and hope you keep posting your beautiful,